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Rockingham Looks For A Sherriff

Who will Be The New Sheriff There are some interesting developments in the race for Rockingham county Sheriff.   Candidate David Lovejoy was involved in a ruckus in East Kingston over the placement of some campaign signs—this from Seacoast  (More here) The guy on the other side of the alleged altercation was local farmer Jeff Walker, who might want to watch himself.  Lovejoy is not someone to be  trifled with.

Lovejoy wants’ to be the Sheriff so badly that back in 2008 he switched parties—running as a democrat—because he did not see a path to the general election through the Republican primary against then Sheriff “Dan” Linehan.   Linehan has since been removed as an obstacle, interestingly enough by Lovejoy who filed a complaint that resulted in the Sheriff stepping down for illegally releasing Lovejoy’s annulled arrest record.

This all strikes me as troublesome.  Lovejoy has an arrest record he did not want anyone to know about, will run as whatever it takes to get a shot at the job of Sheriff, and has artfully removed the single biggest obstacle—legitimately—after that obstacle illegally released details about an ambitious opponent and had to step down.  It’s like a soap opera.  But in the middle of it is a guy who wants the job so badly he appears willing to try anything. That may or may not be bad.

But there are 5 other republicans running for a shot at the job.  Might there be one or two there with less luggage, or is the luggage good?