Progressives - trying to replace God (big "G") with an even bigger "G" Government - Granite Grok

Progressives – trying to replace God (big “G”) with an even bigger “G” Government

From a letter written by Economics (and political philosopher) Professor, Dan Boudreaux (emphasis mine):

All income is earned by individuals.  It originates as their property and not that of any government or of some collective ‘us.’  Even if this money is deemed necessary to keep Uncle Sam solvent, remember that this government was created to protect individual rights that each of us receives from our “Creator” – that is, rights existing independently of any state.  In contrast, according to Mr. Krugman’s mystical political dogma, all property (and, hence, each right) originates in government.  Government is elevated to the status of Creator, while each individual is thereby reduced to the status of a serf living at the favor and pleasure of government.  That belief, if pursued consistently, leads to the greatest tyranny.

The Professor quickly and succinctly gets to the nub of the chasm that Progressives have dug – Liberty and Freedom folks believe that "we" are owned by ourselves – and rightly should have the control over who we are, what we create, and what we earn.  That is freedom – to plot our own lives without interference or intrusion from others and government except by invitation and consent.

Surely, we do consent to temporarily lend our inalienable Rights to the State for some of the benefits that Government can rightly provide.

But Progressives take that consent and amp it up to THEIR entitlement levels.  Dr. Boudreaux is absolutely correct – Progressives have pushed our Creator off to the side for themselves.  The problem, they are hard at work at replacing Him with themselves for the rest of us as well. And in doing so, take up what they feel to be their right:

To replace Him with themselves – otherwise, why do they do what they do in taking away those Rights that have been granted by Him to us on an individual basis?

Progressives do believe in Government, with lip service only given to God (if at all).  Else, why do they act as if He doesn’t matter?

God has granted us all free will – Progressives wish to force THEIR will upon us all.