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John Lynch Gets What’s Been Coming

Blogging can be a weird hobby.  You never know when something you’ve planted will grow and bear fruit.  But back on May 28th of 2010 I planted this seed. It was about Mr. Lynch going to the Political OutGiving conference.

In the intervening months I planted a few more, here, and here, and here.

There were others doing their own sowing and tending, and they deserve plenty of credit, because today we find out thanks to Cornerstone Policy that John Lynch’s most recent campaign finance report has at least $100,000.00 worth of donations from promiant Gay activist donors.

So maybe I should start asking John Lynch where that missing speech is he gave while he was in Chicago at the Gay Donor Confab?  It was worth at least 100k, probably more.  We still don’t know who all the donors are so we have no reason to believe that there isn’t more money–not just in names on the Lynch filing , but pouring in through the NH democrat party, into groups that then donate to Lynch.

Whatever the final talley, Lynch and Buckley can eat some crow while we ponder the ramifications of out of state special interest meddling (when he said he was against that) and a governor who flip flopped on a key issue which the gay donors may have–just may have been paying him to flip on.

A governor who can be bought.  That makes for great TV.