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It’s All About What They Want

Image Credit: Tree HuggerErik Erickson offers up an interesting article on pursuing a constitutional convention, (here) but what caught my attention was the Rasmussen figuers on the differences in perception between the Hodesheaporters of the world and the rest of us.


Consider the Rasmussen surveys of late:

86% of voters believe there should b “limits on what the federal government can do.”54% of the political class1

84% of mainstream voters think the country is headed in the wrong direction.67% of the political class think the country is headed in the right direction.

75% of mainstream voters believe the free market works better than government at regulating the economy.44% of the political class prefer government control.

56% of mainstream voters want Obamacare repealed.97% of the political class want it kept.

52% of mainstream voters believe increased government spending is bad for the economy.A majority of the political class disagrees.

Even on it’s face the distinction is huge but also beneficial.  By looking at where our elected officials fit into the survey based on how they vote and behave, we can clearly demonstrate that our congressional delegation is part of the political class of center left elites who rule by their will and not ours.

This survey represents just a sliver of the large disparities that exist on most other issues.  Possible every issue. The DC cultural elites in Washington and even closer to home, really do beleive they know better, and that they can best dictate our lives from places like Concord or the shores of the Potomac.

That needs to change.


(H/T RedState)