Email Doodlings – “…would you consider helping to change it from the inside?…”

Another in a series of emails culled from some of the lists I’m on.  This was from a thread of on the idea of "not a tinker’s dam difference between them".

A bit of time has passed since I wrote the following – and the past several months has shown that Conservatives, TEA Party, 9-12ers, (and yes, Tim, rational libertarians!) have said "Thus far and no further!"

I started to work from within the Party after 2006 – I realized that the current Repubs had screwed up so badly, somebody had to go scream at them.  From the outside?  Didn’t work.  Inside (going to the local committee meetings, the county meetings, the state meetings) and arguing points based on Conservative values, based on Constitutional values, based on traditional values, was the only way to have MY voice heard.

It also allow other like minded people to start moving the Party in the right direction – back from whence it had strayed.  Look, the Progressives / Socialists / near Communists have all but taken over the Democrat Party – and did so by years of showing up, arguing, and getting themselves high up into their Party structure.  They are winning their battles within their Party – which hopefully means, they’ll lose with the American people.  The question is, how much long term damage will they create before getting the boot?

And many "Repubs" have assisted in this, either because they too are Progressives, love their own power, or our equivalent of "useful idiots" (and yes, Chuck Hagel and Liz Hager come to mind).  We have to either remove them from Repub office  or structure, or wear them down so much that they leave on their own.

But that takes people like Phyllis Wood, Bill O’Brian, Dan Itse working hard on the "inside" – and they need help.  4 years ago, when I got up to speak in favor of…

…Paul Mirski’s amendment that a Platform officer was needed to monitor how other Repubs were doing in relationship to the Platform (which was a really good one at the time) and go after those that decided to be part of "Repubs for Lynch", I was called a Nazi as I returned to my seat.  For trying to say "hey guys, you screwed your own brand – and you’re THAT stupid not to realize it????".

This year, after waving a TEA Party shirt, telling the assembled repub state delegates that they were being held to account, I got more than a few cheers.  Why?  More people like us had joined.  And the "Party only" crew has started to realize "uh-oh, these folks mean business and they are making inroads…".

"…would you consider helping to change it from the inside?…"

But there is still not enough of us.  So I ask: "Would you consider helping to change it from the inside?"  Would you come in and vote for people and ideas that hold up the ideals that brought you to the Rochester 912 group?  Sure, it’s dirty, there’s back biting, there fighting, and there’s (oh my!) politicking – even amongst the good guys.  But unless folks like us go inside, they ain’t gonna change their outside face (and be believable) either.

It is time for a purge – can you, will you, help us do it?

A bit of time has passed since I wrote the above – and the past several months has shown that Conservatives, TEA Party, 9-12ers, (and yes, Tim, rational libertarians!) have said "Thus far and no further!". 

The Left / Democrats have been calling the Republican Party the Party of "No".  I think that the above named folks have indeed said, nay, are SCREAMING – NO FURTHER! as we have seen "progress" by both parties away from Constitutional and traditional values and towards incremental socialism.  When one compares the Democrat Platform and see that the Communist Party USA is in complete agreement – somebody has a huge problem.

And the electorate have woken up and are letting the Political Class, the "Governing Elitists" – we are taking the keys and the reins from you.  We are not to have to self-appointed monarchy via unelected bureaucracy – but a limited government that allows individuals to have primacy.

The TEA Party movement has been branded as extremist, out of the main stream, and out of touch.  Polling and electoral results thus far have proven the Democrats and Republican Establishment wrong, wrong, and wrong again. 

And who are these people that are standing up?  This short description from Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit concerning yesterday’s Restoring Honor event (Beck’s event) sums it up:

RESTORING HONOR RALLY – 500,000 Patriots Gather to Honor America
Posted by Jim Hoft on Saturday, August 28, 2010, 10:53 AM

The patriotic crowd that had already gathered at the Lincoln Memorial today in our nation’s capital stood and sang “God Bless America” at 6:30 AM during a sound check.

No wonder the left hates these guys.

The Left does hate folks like us – Although ill yesterday, TMEW and I did go out once yesterday, and at the top of the hour news break, CBS Radio reported that "tens of thousands" attended the rally.

(H/T: Instapundit)

Yeah, that’s "10s of Thousands" – even the  Park Service had it between 300,000 and 500,000.