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Spin From The House Of Hodes

Good Day Eh!The Hodes camp is trying to adjust their slightly twisted britches after a fund raising trip to the great white north eh. (Ok. This is like, me outside the country eh?) In defense of the move campaign spokesman Matt House said, (From WMUR.com)

At the end of the day, we are going to have the resources we need to win this campaign,” said campaign spokesman Matt House. “Paul has a record of standing up against the special interests.


We are very excited about the momentum we are gaining in New Hampshire, and these political attacks are going to be what they are going to be[.]

Well, I’m glad you are excited Matt but momentum in New Hampshire?  Anyone smart enough to put on their thinking touke, and dexterous enough to use a computer mouse can reveal the truth for themselves.  Rasmussen just announced that Hodes is now trailing four Republican opponents, and every time I look, Mr. Hodes campaign career shows him getting over 70% of his campaign funds from outside New Hampshire. (66% so far this cycle).  Bankers and lawyers (and left wing congressional PAC’s – Oh my!) outside New Hampshire are excited Matt, but that’s about it. So no one doubt’s you will have the resources.
But standing up to special interests?

To Democrats the government is a special interest. And Paul Hodes has helped to more than triple the deficit and outspend history.  You can’t run from that. You also can’t run from the fact that he was sent to congress to protect New Hampshire and instead he helped shackle it to a massive national debt.

As for the most recent quarter of fund raising, as data becomes available it will be interesting to see if that distribution has changed at all.  I’m guessing not.  Paul Hodes has always relied heavily on lefty-lawyers and the investment business (insurance, big banks) to fund his campaigns, even when he was running as a lowly congressman.  These are the same groups with the means and desire to manipulate a Senator Hodes (God help us) as they have House member Hodes.