Charlie Bass…”Leader of the PAC”

400019-100px.jpg According to this posting on (yes, we give credit/link when we reference the Libs’ blogs, even though they don’t credit us), Charlie Bass leads the "pack" in NH CD-2 for…wait for it… PAC campaign donations.  41% of total, to be clear.

Even before you see the evidence, do you really doubt this claim?  You shouldn’t.

Aside from Altria (formerly Philip-Morris), and the Republican Majority for Choice, one of Charlie’s more notable PAC contributors is the Republican Main Street Partnership PAC.  Charlie has been the President and CEO, as well as Board Member, of the self-described "centrist" group that this PAC supports.  The RMSP PAC also states that they are an "incumbent protection PAC".

Dudes!  Don’t you see the anti-incumbency storm coming on, hard and fast??  Every time I read about the squishy RMSP, I see more and more cluelessness.

I just checked the RMSP website and I no longer see Charlie listed as the President, as they recently elected Tom Davis (R-VA) to this position.  And, I find it odd that he disappears completely from the leadership of this organization during a primary race, when moderates all run right, and Charlie irreverently claims to be a "Conservative".  Perhaps he’s running stealthy and under cover?

The RMSP is hardly a conservative organization.  It’s a bit laughable when they claim that their members are "in the mold of…Ronald Reagan", with people like Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chris Lee, and John McCain in their ranks.  I also noticed that the RMSP removed the page that lists former members.  I figure this is a good idea, since that list includes, Arlen Specter, Lincoln Chafee, Jim Jeffords, Ted Stevens, Ray Lahood, and Mark Foley.  A Republican "hall of shame", if you ask me.  Nary a true Conservative in their ranks.

Oh, and I’m not really sure what to make of this, (and here) but it shows that George Soros contributed $50,000 to the Main Street Individual Fund, in 2002 and 2004.  The MSIF had purportedly been connected to the RMSP.  The 2004 Soros MSIF donation was returned (cya, ya think?) but the earlier 2002 donation was kept.  The explanations for this read like a Joe Biden logic tree.

The RMSP claimed that it was not affiliated with the MSIF, yet, they both had the same Treasurer (Sarah Chamberlain Resnick), finance office, lawyer and staff, until someone noticed.  This Michelle Malkin article from Nov 2005 explains the whole George Soros connection better than I can.  However, this is what I come away with from this research:

Charlie Bass was the President and Board Member of a moderate/centrist Republican organization that was accused (fairly, from what I read) of being closely connected to a group that raised "soft-money" (some from George Soros, others from unions) before soft-money was made illegal.  This group continues to be focused on supporting Republican incumbents who are pro-choice, vigorously fought ANWAR drilling, and are Global-Warming advocates.  This group also claims former membership of about a half-dozen repugnant politicians who have either left the Republican party for the bleeding-heart side of the isle, or have left Congress in disgrace.

Nice bunch of people to be affiliated with, Charlie.

If anyone reads this, understands it, and still supports Charlie Bass for "re-Congress", I can only say that you get the ugly, convoluted mess that you deserve.  When I take a bite of something that tastes badly, I don’t go for another.

What I cannot figure out is why the RMSP isn’t forming their own "Squishy" party.  I mean, they’re more Democrat than Republican!  They define the Conservative edge of the GOP as the "dysfunctionality" of the party.  Fair warning to the GOP: Disown these centrists and push them out of our party, saving us the trouble of abandoning YOU, and forming a new, truly Conservative 3rd party.  This WILL happen, if you let too many of these political half-breeds hang around and muddy the waters.  They are the dysfunctional ones that are hurting the Party.

This link shows you the financial and contribution snapshot for each NH CD-2 Congressional candidate, as of the last filing on March 31, 2010.

This link (and image below) shows the breakdown of contribution, categorized by Ideology, Labor, Business, and "Other", as of June 13, 2010.  Charlie Bass sure did get a lot of money from the "Business" category.  Let’s see how this picture comes into focus after the Q2 filings are published…


Nothing says "messy insider", like Charlie Bass.

Oh, and lookee-here!  Bob Giuda received $4000 from the Labor category.  He’s received more Labor money than Charlie, and almost as much as Democrat John DeJoie….are you serious?  More on this in a later post. 

The interesting nuggets just keep on coming…

by Tom

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