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Carol’s Union Label

What do you mean "read the bill?"Carol Shea-Porter would like you to believe that she represent New Hampshire. But if you are one of the 88% of those employed in New Hampshire who are not in a union or represented by one, (and that does not mean you want or like being in the union if you are) then odds are good you have no congresswoman.

A quick look at her 2010 PAC and ideological contributions reveals the contradiction. Most of Shea-Porter’s money comes from Union Labor. Fifty percent of Carol’s PAC contributions are paid directly from unions, another 48% from congressional PAC’s, all heavily funded by Unions. And of her top 20 direct contributors 17 of them are unions.

In a state like New Hampshire where only 12% of the working populations is serviced by union interests, any suggestion that Carol Shea-Porter is working for you or is an independent voice requires a huge leap of faith. With 238,000.00 ideological dollars from unions and union heavy PAC’s in her piggy bank as of June 13th and a record of voting with the leadership 98% of the time, the only thing Carol still needs from you is your vote so she stay in Washington to prop up big Labor.