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It’s That Three Letter Word Again Mr. Biden, J-O-B-S

At 9.7 % for May the job picture continues to sustain the uncomfortable notion that 10% is the new normal.  This is bad news.   It’s European Socialist super-state bad.  Our economy relies on private sector growth to fuel commerce and feed the growing number of federally employed pigs at the tax trough.  The only reason we’re anywhere near 9.7% is the 550,000 people currently working for the US Census.  Obama added 390,000 more cash-sinks to the US economy last month alone, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  It’s almost as if the Obama administration offered "someone" a federal job if they’d just promise to keep unemployment under ten percent.  But its a negative sum gain.

Year on year there are still 2.2 million people marginally attached to the work force.  This is the same number as May of 2009 so zero improvement on that front.  Discouraged workers—those who’ve stopped looking because they believe there is no work, actually rose from May of 2009 to May of 2010 by another 291,000. 

So after 16 months the stimulus has created something.  We have291,000 more people who stopped looking for work altogether.  GoBama, GoBama, uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh!

So despite all the ‘Jobs’ bills, and were they not all jobs bills?   Regardless of the new trillions spent.  In direct opposition to the rhetoric about helping American Families.  The results from total democrat rule and more godverment so far are a 13 trillion dollar federal debt (A new record that already exceeds the new debt ceileing the left-wingers just passed last year), 15 million still unemployed, a new record setting average of 33 weeks unemployed if you should lose your job in Obama’s "recovery," and 291,000 more people than last year giving up the search altogether because there are no jobs.

So we should expect a similar response from the leftistas: a Laser-like focus……..on messaging.

I guess that’s all they’ve got.

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