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State Senator Maggie Hassan is plotting her next attack on free speech.

Hassan said her next step would depend on whether she is re-elected in the fall, but said she plans to closely follow the political advertising in the upcoming campaign season to determine whether she’ll bring forward new legislation in the next session. She said her primary concern is that corporations can advertise through what she characterized as a "shell" group with a pleasant name, without the public ever being aware of who is actually funding the advertising.

Emphasis mine.

I find the bolded text of particular interest because there are plenty of groups with pleasant names out there already that popped up as a result of trying to stop corporate paid speech with McCain-Feingold that do exactly what she claims she fears most.  They take money from all manner of undeclared donors and use it to advance a political agenda without having to identify who funds them.

And Maggie had best take a serious look at unions in any future such endeavor (should she survive November) because unions function like corporations, many of which are international in nature, and who support candidates and advocate for issues that are all conveniently the same ones she favors.

Oh, and Jim Splaine is having retirement confusion again thanks to Hassan

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