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In All Fairness

Recent discussion about opposing opinions being mandated alongside existing internet content got me thinking.  Could we apply this to everything on-line?  Ads for fruit would need to include references to candy-bars of salty snacks.  Omaha Steaks would need to include a click through to Purdue chicken.  Every business would need to permit you to access competing products.  Porn sites would…actually I don’t want to go there.  The New Hampshire Democrat Party Web Site (oops I went there anyway) would have to allow links to the GOP web site.  And the GOP web site would need a disclaimer at the bottom.

"You are all a bunch of lying, white, racist, mysogynistic, bigoted, Bush loving, gay-bashing, A#$>(*!!@, who hate Obama."

And when you click on that it takes you to the on-line copy of Das Kapital


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