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George Soros Loves New Hampshire

George Soros likes to move his money around like he’s playing chess, mostly by supporting organizations or foundations who then support others and at some point that money finds it’s way into issue advocacy or campaign war chests.  Direct contributions are not exactly common for George.  But for some reason he’s quite taken with New Hampshire democrats.

Since the 2008 race George Soros has personally donated to Jeanne Shaheen, Carol Shea Porter, and to Paul Hodes not once but twice (so far). 

Paul Hodes                Senate Primary 2010     $2000.00
Carol Shea Porter       Senate Primary 2008     $1000.00
Jeannes Saheen         US Rep Primary 2008    $2000.00
Paul Hodes                US Rep Primary 2008    $1000.00


Isn’t that special?   Makes you wonder why though?

It’s not like the NHDP has trouble raisng campaign donations.  They’ve corralled millions since 2004.  Most of that money from outside the State.  It comes from people like George Soros and Tim Gill and Jon Stryker to name but a few.

So while the liberals wail like harpies about outside cash influencing elections in New Hampshire remember to apply the proper filter.  The louder they wail, the guiltier they are of exactly that. 

If anyone is buying up or influencing NH elections with outside money the New Hampshire Democrat Party is.  And George Soros is helping them do it.


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