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NOM de Guerre

If Ray is really all that worried about out of state money [Lynch-Lied Ads from the national organization for Marriage (NOM)] he can start with his own candidates.  Carol Shea-Porter gets a huge chunk of her cash from congressional PACs, national unions, and special interests like Emily’s List, whose only “interest” in her is her vote for their cause.  They are not interested in New Hampshire.  They want to force their will through her on us and the entire nation. 

Then there’s Paul Hodes, victim—yes victim I tell you—of solicited millions from out of state.  Historically, he gets most of his money from someplace ‘Not” New Hampshire. At present about 66% or two-thirds of his campaign money for his 2010 bid for the senate comes from outside the state.  That’s almost one million dollars of outside money for Paul Hodes vote so far—and it’s only April; that’s money from Goldman Sachs, big insurance and investment companies, congressional PACs and NARAL.  And we know how he votes.  He votes for the party first, more federal government second, and every now and then, mostly because he actually needs people from New Hampshire to vote for him, he’ll toss us a bone to keep us under the porch.  

Then there’s Ray’s blessed party apparatus here in New Hampshire.  The NHDP takes buckets of money from outside the state to sell the national liberal agenda.  Tim Gill is but one fine example.  He regularly drops a check in Ray’s tin cup, but funneled plenty of money into the state to get a legislature willing to pass same-sex marriage (because civil unions were good enough for other folks who were not religious but not the GBLT crowd), and to pressure a governor to change his mind and sign off on it.  And it worked. No contradictions there are there—that was outside money for democrats?  And here he is, whining like a little girl about a group that bought some TV time to point out an incontrovertible fact.  Lynch lied.  

And they’ll do anything to hide the fact that he lied.  The source of the funding is but one such tactic to distract you. 

Outside money is simply a feature of politics.  It is regualrly dribbling of their pointy little liberal chins like special sauce from a take out binge.   But the cry babies in the NHDP and over at Boo Hoo Hampshire—being the serial hypocrites that they are—can’t stand it when anyone plays the game the way they do.  I would not be surprised to hear Ray or Kathy jump up and start screaming “Only I get to use outside money!  Give it to me!  Mommmmmmmmm!  Those stupid republicans are using outside moneyyyy!” 


It all comes down to this (unfortunately). Politics is often a money war.  It always has been.  That is why the liberals hate the Supreme Court decision on campaign finance—it creates competition in an area they used to command.  But the right has already begun to use the tactics of the left successfully.  They are organizing around non-profits who can collect anonymous donations, building war chests to advocate for issues and ideologies.  And they are prepared to go toe to toe with their entrenched liberal counterparts on those issues, and matters of public record.   The liberals simply do not like competition.  In a center right nation, the left wing can only suffer from it.   They may own the entertainment industrial complex, but anyone can buy an ad.  So all they can do is object.  Unfortunately for the Lynch Lied ads, they can’t prove them false, so they will do what they always do, distract from the issue, and evade the truth.

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