Have We Got Hodes By The Sach(s) - Granite Grok

Have We Got Hodes By The Sach(s)

Now that the government has conveniently brought charges against Goldman Sachs–just in time for the fiscal reform debate (cough-cough)–is Paul Hodes willing to take one for the team to add some much needed legitimacy to this theater of the absurd?

Hodes takes a lot of money from the insurance/investment industrial complex (here, and here ) and when you add the  lawyers–who love Hodes–its an incredibly incestuous relationship.  He’s currently taken over $13,000.00 from Goldman Sachs for what will end as his tragically failed 2010 Senate bid.  Is he prepared to give that money back?  Is he? 

My bet is no.   He’ll come up with some excuse.  He certainly can’t use the one for the buckets of Rangel Cash he kept–that campaign had closed its books.  And there’s a list of corruptocrat congressional PAC cash he’d never consider parting with.  So whatever the excuse expect it to come out of the gate lame, and limp it’s way along until November.  But that’s no reason not to make him pay politically for keeping it.

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