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Gud Lernnin

I live in Merrimack so I got to vote today.   As I approached the polls there was a small knot of young people holding handmade signs.  I’m always excited to see people who look to young to vote being politically active so I was curious about who or what they are supporting.

The signs either said vote no on article 6, or protect civil rights.

Article six asks members of the town if they would like to ask the state legislature for an opportunity to vote on gay marriage.  So our budding activists were there to try and persuade people against it. 

I wonder why they think it is a civil right to refuse the people of New Hamshire the right to vote on the question?  Are they afraid we might just deem it passed based on the results of article six?  Can’t imagine where they would get an idea like that?

Must be that gud lernnin they getting et the pulik skool.

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