Thank You Carol? - Granite Grok

Thank You Carol?

charlie rangelI would like to applaud Carol Shea-Porters decision to return $14,000 to Charlie Rangel, and her public recommendation that he step down from his position as Chair of Ways and Means.  I’m not sure what took so long–wait, I am sure–it’s politically necessary to do it now.  But, at least she did it.

Paul Hodes, on the other hand, will not return $17,000 in contributions he has reportedly received from the besmirched legislator.  He has indicated he would vote to remove Rangel from his chair–the one in DC not the one on the beach, but that’s all he’s promising.

Senator Shaheen is also clinging to her dirty money, but that is likely because she can’t seem to separate it from the Abortion and Lawyer PAC cash she’s been wading in and the paltry 10K Rangel gave her is chump change by comparison.