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Don’t Cry For Me My Jack Murtha

I was a bit disappointed to see that neither Carol Shea-Porter nor Paul

Hodes issued a press release on the death of Jack Murtha.  Both received

campaign cash from Murtha’s Majority PAC.  Hodes collected 7K in total from

the 2006 and 2008 cycles, with CSP scored a cool 9K in the last election. 

But this did not even warrant an “our heartfelt wishes go out to the…blah

blah blah?  Guess not.


No point in reminding people that while still producing CO2 John Murtha

represented just about everything wrong in Government or that he shared some

of that taint with House members from New Hampshire.   Of course we’ll

remember.  Nothing so sweet as pointing out that the wave of ethicists who

descended on Capitol Hill to return the government to the people back in

2006 not only did nothing to remove boils like Murtha from the ass of

government, they oiled them up, avoided every opportunity to lance them, and

then took campaign contributions as a reward for defending Murtha and

business as usual in DC.