Ambassadors To The Deficit - Granite Grok

Ambassadors To The Deficit


The Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform (CFRR?) has been appointed by President Obama to deal with the deficit.  And in keeping with his commitment to partisanship it’s members are all pro-stimulus, big spending supporters of Dear Leader. 

First up is SEIU President Andy Stern.  I think we all kow Mr. Stern.

Next, we have David Cote, who as CEO of Honeywell was a major supporter of the stimulus from which his company received millions for energy infrastructure projects in the bankrupt Peoples Republik of Kalifornia. 

Finally, someone named Ann M. Fudge.  Ann is an elitist busybody with a Harvard pedigree, and a resume that includes stints with the Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, and with GE which has a parking space at the White House next to Andy Stern. 

National review, my source for this triad of would be responsible fiscal reformers, calls them

 ..the Obama Administration in miniature; government dependent corporate interests allied with the space-cadet Left, pretending to address a problem that the administration has neither the will nor the imagination to solve. 

So these are nothing more than patronage positions, and they counsels-general–ambassadors to the deficit—for an intractable problem of their own making for which there is little hope of a diplomatic solution.