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Assured Mutual Transportation Tax Destruction?

NH State transportation commissar George Campbell says he does not trust the state of Massachusetts when it says it has no plans for tolls on the state border.   Campbell is a supporter of tolls on our side.  In fact he’s made it clear he wants’ our tolls up before they have theirs up.  See how this works?  Campbell’s paranoia is a reflective response to his own desire to tax motorists for the privilege of entering New Hampshire ground-space.  He can’t imagine why Massachusetts of all places would not want the same thing so any suggestion to the contrary is absurd.  So is he seeing toll-commies huddled in the bushes, bandits waiting just south of Salem to harass passersby.

All this rail talk must have addled his brain.  He’s now constructed this “threat of mutual self-destruction,” scenario except Campbell has already announced his intention to launch.  He just has to get past or around the legislature to get what he wants.  And what does he want?  More money for the NH ministry of transportation.  But no word on whether he’ll want a toll for that commuter train he’s been itching for as well?

The governor has perched himself back on his fence, but the legislature appears to be against it.  That’s a good thing.  They’ve done enough damage to the business environment around here in the past three years.  Even as weak a pulse as this is a sign that we can pull back from the brink.

As for Campbell, he’s probably in his office with a map of the southern front, moving toll-booths around like war machines as he prepares for the big day.  But a better scenario would be the day we elect a new governonr and replace George Campbell as minster of transportation.