Will this guy burn in Hell? - Granite Grok

Will this guy burn in Hell?

Not content with the debauched lifestyle he has chosen, this "man" seeks to spread what he does through the "churches", and invokes the Bible as justification.

Why can’t he just shut up and go about his "business" quietly? What kind of  a "leader" is willing to destroy the very enterprise he heads? And worse, what kind of people are in his "flock" that would allow this to even happen? No wonder the "churches" are emptier and emptier every weekend. Why bother dragging your rear end down to "church" on Sunday when you can simply turn on MTV?

Gay Bishop


While not officially part of First United Methodist Church in Gilford, the Open Door Fellowship is made up mostly of members of that church and it meets at the church facility. Its mission is to support full rights for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.

"Our goal is to help and support the full rights of everyone in the community and to seek to achieve a more fully inclusive denomination," Thomason said.

Yeah, and if the "church" needs to be destroyed in the process, so be it, I guess. Cry