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Flag Flap Update: This guy just won’t stop stepping in it!

Wolfeboro flags

The following letter was sent by the flag-removal lawsuit filer Claude Roessiger’s lawyer to one of the veteran activists expressing displeasure over what he tried to do to Wolfeboro’s public display of Old Glory. You’d think the guy would have simply crawled back under the rock from whence he came following his withdrawal of the suit. But nooooooo…

Writes the letter’s recipient:

Believe it or not I got an email this morning from Roessiger’s attorney trying to convice me that his client is a Patriot, and that the displaying of American Flags in Wolfeboro was a partisan display. Here is Attorney William Chapman’s actual comments:

Mr. Howe-

I am the attorney who represented Claude Roessiger in the now-terminated suit against Wolfeboro. He brought suit because the town refused either (1) to remove the American flags it is permitting a resident to display on town utility poles or (2) to allow Mr. Roessiger to display his own banner on those poles containing advice from George Washington that our country should avoid foreign entanglements.

Please be assured that Mr. Roessiger is a patriotic American who believes in what our flag stands for. What he objects to is someone using the flag and town property – public property – to advance a particular political viewpoint: support of the Bush Administration invasion of, and continued troop presence in, Iraq. It is clear from minutes of the meeting at which the selectmen approved the display of flags that they both understood and agreed with the reason for displaying the flags.

Mr. Howe, who is organizing tomorrow’s American Legion Flag Day motorcyle ride through Wolfeboro, replied, putting the whole thing in context:


Yes, you have proven to me and others how delusional your client is – The American Flag is not now, nor has ever been a symbol of any particular party. or partisan belief, or endorsement of any candidate. Those flags in Wolfeboro have flown since 9/11, and are a symbol of our country and the Freedom it offers that is worth fighting and dying for. Your client’s alternative flags were clearly a political statement and thus were justly rejected.

This weekend, starting tomorrow, and in fact all this week, you can expect many Patriotic Americans to be in Wolfeboro, to pass by PAK 2000, proudly displaying their flags. The meaning will be clear, they reject your clients opinion and actions. If your client had any actual patriotic feelings, and in the best interest of his company, he would gladly meet and greet these individuals without spouting his partisan blabber.

We are giving him the opportunity to redeem himself, which was not accomplished despite your claims to the opposite, by his dropping this partisan lawsuit. I’m sorry, but we reject your attempt at spin on this matter, and will continue to show opposition to your client and his company.

Wow! There is no fury like military families and veterans scorned!