Make no mistake about it, their goal is your wallet! - Granite Grok

Make no mistake about it, their goal is your wallet!

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During the radio program this past Saturday, Skip and I discussed the "anti-tax pledge" warrant article that found its way onto 89 town warrants this year throughout the Granite State (including the ‘Grok’s hometown) with Jane Aitken of the CNHT. In a February 14th posting at NH Insider, Jane sounded the alarm:

Once again it is that time of year when NH residents will attend town meetings, school meetings, and deliberative sessions to decide how their tax dollars will be spent…

There will likely be present operatives from a group going by the name of "Granite State Fair Tax Coalition". They may be offering any number of "resolutions" for approval in the form of warrant articles.
She then went on to describe what they will look like:
These citizens petitioned warrant articles may contain resolutions calling for our candidates for State Representative, State Senator, and Governor to reject the local "Taxpayers Pledge". This is an attempt to demonize the taking of the pledge by our fiscally responsible legislators to reject any broadbased new tax and to make way for a new state tax on our income. The article may even include the consideration of an income tax or be amended to include it.
Guess what? In the name of "fairness", here it comes. From today’s NH Insider comes confirmation of Jane’s admonition:

Concord, Feb. 18, 2008 — Voters in 89 New Hampshire towns will vote on resolutions over the coming month urging state elected officials – the governor, state senators and state representatives — to create a fairer tax system for the state, starting with a discussion of all the available options, the Granite State Fair Tax Coalition announced today.

These resolutions will be considered at Town Meetings throughout the month ahead or at the ballot box on March 11. Towns that include the Fair Tax Resolution on the warrant in 2008 are listed at the Coalition’s website,
Translation: Income Tax. And as Jane rightly pointed out– the goal of the warrant is one more  step on the road to that end game.
…the reasoning behind this action seems purely psychological and simply a means to change the mindset, since freedom of speech dictates that one’s right to take the pledge cannot be legislated away.

One must properly demagogue long held institutions before they can be torn down. So it is with the New Hampshire Advantage. Use the handy player below to listen to our discussion with Jane on this subject…

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