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Ruminations on 8/11/06

And quickly too….it’s late……been a long week already

NewsBusters reports:


Where Are We Going Wrong Helping Homegrown Terrorists Integrate Society?

Posted by Mark Finkelstein on August 10, 2006 – 15:45.

Made-in-the-UK Islamic radicals are trying to murder people – and it’s the UK’s fault for not doing a better job integrating them into society.

Of COURSE it’s the West’s fault, why else would they be trying to kill us? 


Corpe: "It was a problem even before 7/7 happened last year. . . We are not facing foreign terrorists but people bred here in the UK. Something our politicians have been discussing today. Not only [must we] be more tolerant of the Muslim faith and realize these few do not speak for the Muslim faith. These people born here, brought up here, going to our schools and still feel the need to blow up planes to, to plot to explode buildings and tube stations.

Continued Corpe: "We have a real job to do here in the UK to try to reintegrate these people and find out where we are going wrong in helping these people realize that if they want to stay in this country they have to accept the freedoms we have here and respect human life in the same way we do."

Well, the concept is identified correction "they have to accept the freedoms….", but loses the concept on the "where are we going wrong" bit.  My sense of personal responsibility (applied to all who are not approaching room temperature) is that they’ve decided NOT to.  And it looks pretty lame that we are going to "help" them do anything.  They have to help themselves.  Our only option is to get them to leave – a better option than them trying to kill me.


LGF reports:

CAIR Goes Nuts Over Bush Remark


Right on cue, the Council on American Islamic Relations pegs the Seethe-O-Meter over President Bush’s use of the words “Islamic fascism:” US Muslims bristle at Bush term ‘Islamic fascists’.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. Muslim groups criticized President George W. Bush on Thursday for calling a foiled plot to blow up airplanes part of a “war with Islamic fascists,” saying the term could inflame anti-Muslim tensions.

These guys just remind me of the Italian Anti-Defamation League (?) when the Mafia was getting toasted – always crying that we have to watch out for the Muslims.  Yes, we do – these guys.  Image the chutzpah – Muslims get ready to blow up planes with lots of innocent civilians on them, and they’re worried about "anti-Muslim tensions" .  Simple enough – stop your fellow Muslims from trying this crap.

U.S. officials have said the plot, thwarted by Britain, to blow up several aircraft over the Atlantic bore many of the hallmarks of al Qaeda.

We believe this is an ill-advised term and we believe that it is counter-productive to associate Islam or Muslims with fascism,” said Nihad Awad, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations advocacy group.

Really?  The folks staging this want the whole world to live by their rules from the 7th century….sounds like fascism to me, dude.

“We ought to take advantage of these incidents to make sure that we do not start a religious war against Islam and Muslims,” he told a news conference in Washington.

Oh, it’s ok for Muslims to do this (after all, Al Queda has done just that against the West, right), but not us?  We aren’t allowed to defend ourselves?

“We urge him (Bush) and we urge other public officials to restrain themselves.”

Tell you what…you first.

Also, Charles is all over the Photoshop propaganda of Hezbullah – go, Charles, go! 


Dhimmi Watch has this:

Report: U.S.-French Alliance on U.N. Cease-Fire Resolution Crumbling

Because the French are reverting to their Eurabian ways and parroting the Arab League line. From Fox, with thanks to Infidel Pride:

UNITED NATIONS — The French-American alliance at the United Nations over a Mideast cease-fire agreement is crumbling, sources tell FOX News.

The French U.N. delegation has joined with Arab nations and is now calling for a complete and immediate Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon as a condition of any cease-fire, the sources said.

In addition, the French have reportedly agreed with Arab demands that the Lebanese force be accompanied only by UNIFIL, with no international force to be deployed.

All I can think of is that old joke about the French, a tank, and two gears in forward and 10 in reverse….


TongueTied reports

Must not Stimulate Muslims

We read:

"Malaysian authorities fined organizers of a concert by the chart-topping Pussycat Dolls for allowing the singers to wear skimpy costumes and for their "sexually suggestive routines," a news report said Wednesday." Source

Except for the very few miscreant guys among us in the West, things like this story always have me asking myself – What’s the matter, can’t Muslim men control themselves?


RightWingNews has a good bit

Just What Lebanon Needs Right Now: Peace Activists

These people may be complete idiots, but you have to give them credit for having the courage of their convictions:

Courage, nope.  Idiots – yup.  I have other words…let’s start with "useful idiots" and proceed from there. 

"International and local activists are planning on Saturday to bring a civilian convoy to southern Lebanon, worst hit by Israel’s 28-day-old war on Hizbollah, to deliver aid and show solidarity with suffering residents.

And how will they tell the civilians from the Hezbullah terrorists? 

…One idea they are considering is to bring large numbers of people, rather than a few activists, to the Hizbollah strongholds of south Lebanon or south Beirut to try to protect them or draw attention to the plight of civilians there.

And how many people will they really get that will agree with the premise "I’m going to stand here, eyes to the sky, and wish that bomb in on me"?  If I remember right, when things were starting to look dangerous, most of the ones who went to Iraq to do just this lost the "courage of their convictions" pretty quick.  Otherwise, roll out the Darwin Awards!

So far, activists who have shown up in Lebanon from the United States and Europe are part of an exploratory group, but Shapiro believes they can attract hundreds more, including from Arab states, once they come up with a strategy.

"In the United States people were already contacting us, Lebanese and internationals interested in coming to Lebanon to see how we could help," Shapiro said."

So, they’re going to be driving a convoy right into the middle of a hot war zone that features Israel fighting against blood thirsty, non-uniformed terrorists, in order to deliver aid and act as human shields? Gee, what could possibly go wrong?

Let me be the first to say that I hope these people don’t get killed. Even though, at best, they’re very foolish and at worst, they’re terrorist sympathizers, as long as they don’t pick up guns or get caught directly giving supplies to terrorists, I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

After what I saw of these folks before the Iraq war, and how little thanks the PeaceKeeper team that was captured (and one killed) gave to their military rescuers, again I trot out the idea of personal responsibility and choice.

If they want to go there, let them.  If they wish to put themselves in danger, let them.  If they have so little regard for themselves (but over inflated ideas of their results), go for it.  It might work.

But from 15 – 18,000 ft, even with advanced optics, they won’t be that big to see.  Besides, for all we know, they might be Hezbullah – where’s the uniforms? 


G’night….will try again in
the morning….maybe.