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English – Press what?

I received this from a friend of mine and while many may roll their eyes, others get mad, and others chuckle, it does raise a point. 

FINALLY!! An answer to the  de-Americanizing crap that has been suffocating our  country.  A short, concise message  that makes sense. Every business should be required to install this message
on  their phone and ATM system. 

Press "1" for English.  
Press "2" to disconnect until you  have learned to speak  English

My point is that to continue the process of keeping this country a true melting point instead of the multicultural tossed salad, there needs to be a shared sense of belonging. I have no problem with people being multi-lingual (I wish I truely had kept the French and Spanish I learned many years ago).

However, the first step in that process of assimilation in this country is for all to learn and use English well enough to get along in every day activities.  Those of us who are fluent should show a little more respect for those that are showing that they are trying, but haven’t quite mastered it yet.

However, those that won’t try or cannot be bothered?  The English word that comes to mind is "scorn".  While some might see that has overly harsh or disrespectful, it may well serve to push some over the edge to go and learn it.

And for the others?  Catering to those that resist assimilating sends the wrong message.  My response is – No habla (and I wish I could say that in my grandparents’ native tongue – Swedish)

(H/T: Bob M)