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The sissy-fication of War in the West – Part 1

As promised, here is the update to my Post "The changing nature of war, or is the West just starting to catch up?" 

Of course, timing is everything and as I was typing, FOX News just switched to the Kofi Annan news conference.  They are also showing film from Israel military sources showing Hezbullah shooting off the rockets next to the building that has caused the civilian deaths when an Israel rocket took out the building.  Again, here is Israel taking the heat for when Hezbullah stores and launches munitions from within civilian population centers. 

If course, my question is why Israel isn’t showing more of these films?  Why can’t we, in the West, fight the media / PR wars as well as our enemies. 

I am watching Kofi Annan conducting a press conference. I am not sure where in the conference that FOX cut in, but he had said a few words and then got this question (paraphrased):

We are used to army on army conflicts and now we are seeing an army vs a terrorist organization.  Boy, did Kofi tap dance!  He deflects the question by dumping on Israel and that they have to be careful how they are attacking and not target civilians.  It was obvious that he was ignoring the fact that Hezbullah is creating the situation.  He then goes on and makes the inference that if any civilians would be hurt, you have to weigh the going after those that have attacked you.  If effect, in my opinion, you should not defend yourself. Hey Israel, go pound sand!  Unbelieveable…

However, because he didn’t mention the Hezbullah miltia, he got nailed on a followup question asking about Hezbullah.  He did say that Hezbullah is in the wrong, but said that very quickly, as if he really did not want to get into that quaqmire.  His overall answer is that there is no military answer or solution, that it is has to be a political answer to this situation – a military solution will not work.   Then he did say that the militias must be disbanded.

But doesn’t say who would do that, and if it could be done.  Then, he quickly ran off.