Air Taxi - Very LIght Jets.....faster please! - Granite Grok

Air Taxi – Very LIght Jets…..faster please!



 Small jet pix is from Eclipse, larger pix is from Honda (note where the engines are positioned!).

I am recently retired as a Frequent Flyer….not that I dislike business travel (when held to a reasonable level) but because my job focus has changed.  However, I’ve had my fill of sitting around in airports at odd times of the day or night just because of the airline schedules not jiving with mine.

Thus, these are GREAT news for flying road warriors everywhere!  For the price of a biz or 1st class ticket, the plane will be where I want it and when I want it to be going outbound, and coming home, if my client visit is such that I am earlier or late, the plane will still be there!  No more security hassles (that can make you late at certain airports like John Wayne or O’Hare), no more waiting in uncomfortable seats, unable to get an Internet connection (unless you want to fork over your first born for the first hour….hmmm, interesting swap!).  No more surly passengers who have had more than their fare share of alcohol who then want the rest of us share in their experience.  No problems in storing my stuff!!

And no more rude passengers to deal with.

Since it is a hike to MHT, and always having to go thru O’Hare or Dulles (mostly), I will be glad to have direct flights…..