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$17 Million for Legislative Branch Harassment

Al Franken groping a sleeing womanBurn it all down.

Since, taxes and budget items were all the rage on Capitol Hill before the sexual harassment by “Grope ‘em While They Sleep” Al Franken (pictured, right) and the alleged “teenage girl mall stalker” Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, we might as well keep in mind the budget item for settlements and awards to the victims of harassment by Federal bureaucrat– $17 million. It’s a small sum in Washington, but not to me.

Check out this table. It is a table of monetary awards and number of settlements paid out by our wonderful Federal government over a twenty year period. And by “paid out by our wonderful Federal government”, I mean paid out by you and me. Kind of makes you feel all warm inside don’t it.

Screenshot-2017-11-17 Jennifer Shutt on Twitter(1)

Here is the letter explaining it from the Office of Compliance.

Screenshot-2017-11-17 Jennifer Shutt on Twitter

I apologize for the quality; I know it’s difficult to read. It’s a screenshot of a Twitter feed (here) . I wish I could have linked to it, but unfortunately I could not find the document on the compliance.gov website–convenient. Try for yourself. Go to www.compliance.gov—that you fund, by the way, so don’t forget to marvel at the extravagance on which you spend money— and try to find the report. I was unsuccessful. Maybe you’ll have better luck. If you do, please post a link to it in the comments.

Anyway, here’s a description of what is in the table.

A large portion of cases originate from employing offices in the legislative branch other than the House of Representatives or the Senate…The statistics on payments are not further broken down into specific claims because settlements may involve cases that allege violations of more than one of then 13 statutes…

Okay, so most of the violators are bureaucrats. No surprise there. This is the same bunch that have the porn watching problem on the governments dime going to back to at least 2014 and again in 2016,  continuing right into this year as documented in the “Report: Nearly 100 Federal Employees Caught Watching Porn at Work”. For some reason, those in charge can’t seem to get a handle on being sure nobody is watching porn at work. Why? Because they’re government bureaucrats who won’t be fired if they slack off and take care of an itch. So, that they’re violating each other is really not surprising when you think about it. They’re not really an ethical bunch.

And it’s also unsurprising that the awards and settlements are not further broken down by statutes, so that we may see the distribution of statues being violated. This is a very convenient way to hide something. Oh, that $4 million figure can be from overtime violations or someone got groped in the fax room and is not happy about it. Nobody knows.

What pisses me off is the opacity of all of this from our employees, our servants. The deception. They know they have to hide this stuff. Because if it gets out, as it seems to be, people will want to know who these violators are. And if they were fired, disciplined or not. I want to know if they were not fired, why not? I want to know what their salary is and if they have a pension like IRS Weaponizer Lois Lerner and her 6 figure pension she received after abusing the people that pay her f****** salary and pension.

This is shameful and ridiculous and the fact that it is so difficult to find this information is infuriating. This is yet another reason why smaller government is better government. When it’s so big that there’s this much abuse, this much deception, it’s too big. But of course, we all know that.

Keep this in mind the next time your angry lefty pals want government to take more, keep more, and do more, when the randy bureaucrats and vile politicians can’t even perform basic functions like making sure their employees don’t grope others or themselves and make us pay them for it. Good lord.