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How Stopping Vote Fraud Gets Done! UNH Student Indicted for Double-Voting


The AG’s office has issued an indictment against a UNH student for voting in two states in the 2016 election.

(Spencer) McKinnon, who identifies himself as a UNH student on his Facebook page, was indicted last week by a Strafford County grand jury, MacDonald’s office announced.

He is charged with knowingly voting twice in the Nov. 8, 2016, general election.

McKinnon allegedly voted in person in Durham according to its town clerk and he voted via absentee ballot in Dracut, Mass., according to the clerk’s office there.

Ask any Democrat you can find. “Is preventing a UNH student from Dracut Massachusets from voting in New Hampshire after he has voted in Massachusetts vote suppression?”

We’re not done yet. According to reporting by the Union Leader,

As law enforcement officials announced voter fraud charges against a University of New Hampshire student on Wednesday, a state election official said another 80 or so potential double voters have been pinpointed, bringing to more than 130 the number of suspect voters in the 2016 presidential election. Deputy Secretary of State David Scanlan said his office has been paring down data the state received through the Interstate Voter Crosscheck Program.

The Secretary of States office continues to turn names over to the AG’s office which then does the necessary digging to determine if criminal charges will be brought.

McKinnon is charged with voting in more than one state, a Class B felony with a maximum penalty of seven years in state prison and a $4,000 fine. Anyone convicted of willful violation of election laws also could lose their right to vote under the New Hampshire Constitution.

I don’t think out-of-state-students will care if they can’t vote in New Hampshire anymore. I do expect that the threat of a $4,000.00 fine will numb a few folks cheatin’ hearts. BUt if that doesn’t do it, seeing as 2016 was a Federal election, what happens if or when the FBI and the Assistant US Attorney take an interest in the double-voting charges against students?

Federal Felony charges.

Losing the right to vote in New Hampshire is a cake walk compared to that, and it’s a message that needs to be shared far and wide.

By the way, if Democrat Molly Kelly is elected governor, this will all disappear overnight.

In case that matters to anyone.