Throwing the race card

I should do a post on it but it seems that the New York Times decided to hire an Asian lady (/sarc) that hates whites as part of their Editorial Board. Essentially, the NYT finally came clean and said that it was ok to be racist against whites, well, because by definition, only whites can be racists. OK, then!

Er, no – racist is racist no matter what amount of melanin you have in your skin.

Racist is not based on your skin but stems from an evil heart and and a spirit full of envy.  So Candace Owens, Comms Dir for Turning Point USA, decided to take the absolutely vile tweet of above mentioned “journalist” by the name of Sarah Jeong (such that Rule #1 prevents me from putting them up on the ‘Grok) and tweet them out EXACTLY as Jeong had written them – except she swapped “black” for Jeong’s “white”.

Her Twitter account was promptly shut down.  Until they learned of the word swap.  And they learned that Candace Owens is black.

She made them live up to their own rules (Alinsky’s Rule #4) and they really didn’t like it.

So what do these race baiters and their ilk think of what South Africa majority is doing against their white citizens?  They’re starting the change to their Constitution that will say that the Government can confiscate white citizens’ lands without compensation.  Doesn’t that kinda kill off the Critical Theory’s basic premise that blacks can’t be racist because they are oppressed?  Why, I would be called a racist if I said that was a racist act, wouldn’t I?

(H/T: BizPacReview)