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Do Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Supporters Understand Socialism?

UPDATE: THAT was weird!  When I first posted this up, instead of the intended video, it showed Mike’s video of Steve Negron! What the HECK??? It seems fine now but please know Negron is NO fan of Ocasio-No Cortex. Apologies for raising anyone’s blood pressure or morning coffee spewing…


She is the wonderkid from Queens, NYC that beat 10 time incumbent Crowley (rumored to be the next in line after Pelosi’s demise) on a platform burnished by “Democratic Socialism” (which is to say, no difference than plain socialism except cleaned up and dressed nicely – but same despair underneath).  Here, Campus Reform does the “man in the street” with some rather simple questions to younger voters that are enamored with her and her foreign political philosophy, proving once again they have no real clue other than they LOVE the idea that somebody is going to give them a free ride.

How are we going to pay for them?  Oh, Gawd! When asked about these:

  • Free healthcare
  • Free college tuition
  • Minimum living wage
  • Housing as a human right

Each respondent was perfectly fine with the concept.  Hey, what’s wrong with FREE!  Until they were asked “how would we pay for all these?”.  It was clear these were supporters and like all socialists, it primarily “corporations, the 1%, the rich” with only one startling answer of “I guess that would be us” when the realization hit him.  The two lines, however, that really hit me that said “they have not clue #1” were these:

The people with a good idea and a good reason to spend their tax money wouldn’t mind actually paying more taxes

First off, that sentence is just pure gibberish – if they had good ideas the LAST thing they’d be doing is just giving the fruits of their labor to the government.  Even the Lefty billionaires that kvetch that their taxes are too low won’t do the ethically right thing (for them, anyways) and just write a really big check above and beyond the minimal amount determined by their cadre of accountants and lawyers paid to keep that total down.

Further, one doesn’t have a “good reason” to spend their tax money – it’s not like you get to go to the nearest “Government Bazaar” and think to themselves “I’ll but some SNAP stuff here, crazy scientific study there, provide a bit of corporate subsidies there, some educrat thingie there, and, oh, I guess a couple of cents here for defense”. As if you had a choice.

No, you don’t SPEND it, it gets TAKEN from you by those that believe, when you see the grand view of their “bazaar” mentality, they know how to spend your money than you do (and that’s how you get Venezuela – which none of them had a clue as to what the end stage of Socialism results in).

Look at other countries. It works. Like other countries, you pay higher taxes but your government takes care of you.

That was the worst of the answers – that “government takes care of you.”  THIS is a real scary thought – that Obama’s view of “The Life of Julia” come to fruition. Never a worst poison idea has been propagated since the start of this horrible “we’ll own everything together and we’ll create our own Garden of Eden!”.  Funny, that these mostly atheists keep coming back to a Biblical idea they don’t believe in.

It just shows how badly our education system has deliberately been used to warp our own history and how this country was founded to be completely DIFFERENT than all other countries. Yet that’s what the Left is always saying: but all these OTHER countries….

Good.  Let them.  Let them be but even better, let US be who we are.  I hate the idea that we must be like everyone else (yes, MOVE, dang it!) but that’s the reality we face that most of these people are SCARED and FRIGHTENED to be independent and not relying on The Herd. The idea that we should be self-sufficient, self-reliable, and self-government must shake them to their core.

Actually, it doesn’t, which is even worse.  It is clear this is baked in, through and though.

(H/T: Hot Air)