GraniteGrok reports: Annual Belknap County GOP Lake Winnipesaukee Cruise – Eddie Edwards

Every year the Belknap County GOP has their annual fundraiser on the M/S Mt. Washington that cruises Lake Winnipesaukee.  People talk, they eat dinner, they talk some more, candidates for various offices get a chance to speak, political activists are still talking, more candidates, political activists still talk….you get the picture. This year, the candidates for NH’s Congressional District 1 and 2 got up to speak.  David Webb, Fox News contributor, was the MC for the event. As you will see, Eddie Edwards was the the first speaker of the night:

Note: the video (and those to follow, were shot on a boat.  A large one, but it still moves around and my monopod shots (the straight on ones) are a bit shaky even with some corrections – apologies in advance).  The idea of lashing myself to one of the stanchions in the salon to cut it down was kinda frowned upon by the crew – some of the attendees would have been gleeful in “assisting” me in that endeavor (heh!).

by Skip

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