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Sorry NH Women but some Republican Men say ‘F**K Your Feelings’

Senators John Reagan and Jeb Bradley decided Granite State women don’t actually matter.

Last week Republican MEN decided to pass House Bill 1319 (HB 1319) aka the Gender Identity bill in order to allow biological men who ‘feel’ like women to gain access to women-only sex-segregated spaces. Apparently, the feelings of these biological men are far more important than the women whose spaces they will be allowed to occupy.

Of course, women have been using women-only spaces like bathrooms with trans women for years without a problem but an out-of-state multi-millionaire wanted to use Republicans as an experiment to see how many moron Republicans it takes to push legislation that infringes upon Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion and women’s rights.

They hit pay dirt in the Granite State! Senators Jeb Bradley, John Reagan and Dan Innis all sponsored the legislation after it was handily rebuked by the New Hampshire House of Representatives a couple of years ago. Innis even pulled his ‘gay card’ during debate on the legislation. Apparently, Innis believes the T in LGBT are far more important than the many L who are against gender identity legislation. He is a man after all.


Reagan even told a female constituent who wrote asking him not to pass HB 1319 that she was simply parroting some national movement based on a ‘report’ that he recently read. When asked to provide the report, Reagan suddenly couldn’t find it. He’s a liar. There’s no report. There’s no national movement to discredit gender identity legislation. The legislation discredits itself when put into law. He simply disregarded his constituent’s email because she’s a woman.

It doesn’t matter that trans people have been using existing discrimination laws for two decades. If there were gaps in the law, they should have figured out what they are (IF there are any) and worked on fixing those gaps. Instead, they chose to push a radical leftist agenda that hurts every single Granite Stater on multiple levels by creating a special class of people with special rights that absolutely infringe on the rights of everyone else.

It doesn’t matter that this out-of-state millionaire pushing this legislation via a Super PAC continually sold legislators lie after lie after lie about this legislation. Propaganda works best on ignorant people.

It doesn’t matter to these men that women will become second class citizens to biological men who believe they are women. It doesn’t matter to these men that women may indeed be victimized by men who abuse this legislation. Why? Because actual women apparently don’t matter.

These menfolk have decided that women’s feelings don’t matter. It doesn’t matter if you are a survivor of rape, incest, sexual assault or abuse by a man and prefer to maintain a private space with some semblance of safety in a sex-segregated place. They will tell you that if YOU are uncomfortable, YOU should leave. Seriously, f*ck your feelings you stupid wimminfolk.


It doesn’t matter that by allowing anyone who claims to be a woman actually be considered a woman in public policy essentially erases the legal definition of woman. Clearly, these men know much better than actual women.

Domestic abuse shelters, rape centers, homeless shelters, women’s and girls’ sports – all sex-segregated spaces such as these (segregated for very good reasons) – will be forced to allow anyone who claims to be a woman or girl, be treated like one. There are no ‘trans guards.’  And no business is going to want to deal with spending thousands of dollars on lawsuits.

It doesn’t matter to these Republican men that the women who fought for sex-based legal protections for DECADES will now have their hard-fought protections completely erased all while regressing women’s rights. YOU and your daughters don’t matter over biological men who believe they are JUST LIKE you and your daughters, biology be damned.

And don’t get me started on Democrats. Democrats vote however they are told by their party bosses. Any Democrat who actually thinks for him or herself is promptly excoriated. Granite Staters EXPECT Democrats to be absolute ignorants when it comes to protecting women’s rights (News Flash – the only actual ‘women’s issue Democrats care about is abortion) but they DO NOT expect that of the Republican Party.

It was Republicans who voted to end state-sanctioned discrimination against women, minorities, the LGBT community and Granite Staters in general when it came to pistol/revolver licensing. Every single Senate Democrat voted AGAINST ending that discrimination.

But suddenly, discrimination against women doesn’t matter with HB 1319???? What exactly is WRONG with these Republicans who are supporting this horrifying legislation? And Governor Sununu has said he will sign this bill. Again, Granite State women and girls be damned.


While the legislators who pushed this may have originally had good intentions, they have been provided with factual evidence of how this legislation hurts women in other states and countries where it has already been enacted. That they still voted to pass this legislation, despite the protestations from Granite State women, is unconscionable.

The fact that these Republican Senators, men who make laws, don’t grasp the serious ramifications to this legislation shows they think very little of actual women and girls, never mind Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion. The fact that these Republican Senators actually called women who have been victims thanks to gender identity laws ‘liars’ is egregious.

Republicans weren’t voted into office and to control the NH House, Senate, Executive Council and the Governor’s office to push gender identity legislation. In fact, part of the reason they were voted into office was because of Democrats pushing this ‘social justice warrior’ bullsh*t.

If you want to let Governor Sununu know how you feel about this legislation, you can call his office and tell him he should veto it – (603) 271-2121 or send him an email.

New Hampshire deserves better than to allow elected officials to silence women, Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion.


And before you make any ASSumptions or try to silence me for speaking the truth, I’m not a transphobe, bigot or TERF (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist), I believe everyone has the individual right to believe anything they want about themselves. Where I draw the line is forcing others to believe the same via the long arm of the law and as a woman, I have a real problem with my sex-based legal protections being erased as well as MY very identity being completely RE-defined because of and BY men.