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Millionaire Pushing ‘Gender Identity’ Bill in NH Wants to ‘Punish’ Anyone Who Disagrees


Next week, the New Hampshire Senate will be voting on House Bill 1319 (HB 1319), AN ACT prohibiting discrimination based on gender identity. The legislation was voted “Inexpedient To Legislate” and to “Interim Study” by the Senate Judiciary Committee on April 24th. This legislation was defeated last year by the New Hampshire House of Representatives when it was introduced as House Bill 478.

The out-of-state organization (Super PAC) pushing this legislation is being funded by a man from Colorado who recently stated that his goal is to “punish the wicked” by passing laws that will infringe upon Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion and of course Women’s Rights. Tim Gill is a multi-millionaire gay activist who has been funding LGBT legislation for years.

For some reason, Gill decided to target the Granite State, even though trans people have been able to sue for discrimination for two decades, using the same existing laws as everyone else in the state.  Apparently, that wasn’t good enough for the out-of-state multi-millionaire who wants legislators to create public policy that essentially erases women and girls, including the L in LGBT. They seek to have legislators change public policy so that womanhood is redefined to include anyone who simply believes they are a woman, science and biology be damned. And yes, there are many lesbians who disagree with gender identity legislation for the exact reason many heterosexual women disagree with the legislation:

In addition to compromising rational sex-based protections for females, “gender identity” legislation incorporates stereotypical ideas of “what is female” into law.  […] As lesbians, we are concerned about the impact of this legislation on our community, and our community’s ability to meet free from male influence and involvement.  More importantly, as females, we are concerned that in the attempt to provide protections for a few, we will compromise the protections of the many.

Proponents of gender identity legislation are intentionally lying when they claim there are no ramifications to women and girls. Women have become victims of crimes thanks to gender identity laws. In places that have passed these types of laws, women who once had sex-based legal protections that gave some semblance of privacy and safety, no longer have those same protections. As a result, and due to fear of being sued or having the long-arm of the law come down against them, places that once catered to “women” only are now allowing anyone who claims to be a woman, the same access.

These spaces aren’t limited to bathrooms and locker rooms. They include rape centers, domestic abuse shelters, homeless shelters and any place where women, who are often there due to traumatization by men, had sex-based legal protections to be IN a women-only space to seek help.

Individuals have the right to believe anything they want of themselves. No one is denying that right of anyone. The out-of-state trans activists are pushing the gender identity bill to force, via the long-arm of the law, everyone else to believe what they believe of themselves. It creates a special class of people with special rights and if you dare disagree with these people, you will be punished, as their funder, Tim Gill intends.

Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion will no longer matter if HB 1319 is passed. These are protected rights that will no longer exist under the law in New Hampshire. And as already been proven, trans people have the same ability to sue for actual discrimination as everyone else in the state.

There doesn’t seem to be any benefit to passing a gender identity law other than TO punish those who disagree with an individual’s belief. The ramifications of this legislation are far and wide. Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion and Women’s Rights all lose out. Granite Staters all lose out.

The sponsors of this legislation most likely had good intentions. Often, as with Marsy’s Law, out-of-state organizations or Super PACs are not honest about the details or known ramifications of legislation they spend big money to push in New Hampshire. This is why it’s so important for Granite State legislators to really listen to their own constituents and truly understand the fallout of legislative efforts pushed by others. It is their constituents who will pay the price if HB 1319 is passed. It is their constituents who will be “punished” for daring to disagree.

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