NH Dems Blame Koch Brothers for Sununu Refusing To Advance Undercover Tax Scheme

NH Dems Whine - Blame Koch Brothers

I think it’s kind of cute that the NH Democrats continue to pretend this had anything to do with offering Family Medical Leave Insurance (FMLI) to New Hampshire Families. Or that Governor Sununu would accept “FMLI” in any form the legislature coughed up.

Here governor, sign this thing that happens to have family medical leave insurance in the name or else we’ll call you names and blame the Koch Brothers.

He didn’t so that’s what they did.

Signing HB628 would have broken a handful of campaign promises, which is (hopefully) why he came out against it last week, right before the joint committee canned it. So if we’re clinging to the “solvent” idea, it would have dissolved the New Hampshire Advantage I don’t think Gov. Chris Sununu never signed up for that.

Not to worry. We won’t get that from Democrats when it comes to taxation. They are running on raising taxes, and they are serious, which would have made HB628 that much more of a progressive victory.

Thank the governor for opposing it, even if it took him all year to finally decide to do it without ever mentioning the terminal tax trap hidden inside.

And thank the Koch Brothers too, not that they’ll have any idea what you are talking about.