Windham School Board – That Transgender Bathroom policy really isn’t official? [Updated]

Windham School Board Transgender Bathroom Policy discussion

I’m getting a few folks emailing and calling about this, remember when the Windham School Board decided that it just HAD to have a Transgender bathroom policy in place (even, as I am told, that they don’t have any Transgender students in the district)?  Go ahead and reconcile those two things and I have a hypothesis: it’s the next item “of value” in the never-ending Educational-Industrial Complex.You know, like here in the Lakes Region of NH where the teacher unions pit one town against the other come contract time (e.g., “our pay is too low compared to <insert the next town over here> – we DESERVE a raise!.”

It’s the new “Me Too, Us Too!” deal, or so it seems by these School Boards.  And often, the School Board Elites decide the outcomes ahead of time, and the public be damned.  Then they get to puff out their chests and Progressive Virtue-Signal (“look how woke we are!!!”) while ignoring a lot (if not most) of what the majority of the parents think.

But what I am hearing is that the School Board has broken its own rules, violated its own policies, run roughshod over the process – and is getting ready to throw the only Conservative on the Board under the bus.  Simply because WE CAN DO IT!! Even if the NH School Board Association told them “not needed.”

Go ahead, call or email Rob Breton (Chair) – or even our old friend, Dennis Senibaldi (Vice-Chair) and ask: when were the 1st and 2nd readings?

Or, as the image lets you know, the SB is having a meeting on this Tuesday nite.  From what I was told, the Community Development Center room that is to be used will only hold 30-40 people even as I would bet that a topic like this would attract FAR more people, on both sides of the issue, than what the room can hold.  Are these “Elites” hoping that the Fire Chief is going to bail them out of something by closing the meeting down because of overcrowding?

And yes, I have seen this happen before – deliberately.  Those behind the idea of cramming the space get to look at each other, flash a quick smile or a knowing glance – and then go to a local watering hole for a good laugh afterward.  And the media, other than to have an attitude that the “policy is settled,” has said little attention to this.  WHY aren’t they asking the typical Who, What, When, Where, Why and How questions?  Oh yeah, “Narrative Journalism” has taken its place bolstered by the ideological Social Justice Progressive nature that has overtaken the “news” rooms (such as they are today when it comes to a topic like this).

Sidenote: another take off on this is during campaign time – it’s part of the stagecraft of politics of ALWAYS choosing a room in which to hold an event that is slightly smaller than the expected turnout.  After all, they can’t have the media reporting back “the room wasn’t full, lots of empty seats there” can they?  It seems that Rob Breton and Dennis Senibaldi might be trying to pull this off in reverse, sorta?

So what’s behind all this – what is the subterfuge going on?  Will details start to come out?  And with more scrutiny, what will the Board do?

Here are the main points, with details coming later on:

The Windham School Board has a policy that a new policy must have:

  • a “first reading.”
  • a “second reading.”
  • Board discussions and votes
  • Public input

Rob Breton is having a hard time (and with a straight face, no less!) trying to justify that all that has happened (nasty things, those meeting minutes and videos) and thus, the policy is “good”.  Seems that he’s getting challenged on it, bigly, on this

Let’s continue – tomorrow.  But if you are against this uber-progressive / militant LGBT driven agenda (remember, that I know of, no transgender students are in the system).  And we’ll talk about Keleigh McAllister as well!  And emails!  And minutes!  And emails! And videos! And a website (think “Roosskies” attacking elections, and you get the picture, perhaps)!

I wonder if Donna  Sawyer is going to be there as well?? Which reminds me – I have to do another post on her as well…so little time…

Yep, Big Flashlight time!

Big Flashlight

UPDATE: the meeting is now being held at the High School!
UPDATE II: There are a coupla Transgender students in district