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Transforming Liberal Arts Education into Liberal Indoctrination

Dartmouth College

Joseph Asch, writing at Dartblog, exposes the fraud of the diversity and inclusion movement in his analysis of a letter by former Dartmouth Provost (and current English Professor at same) Carolyn Dever.

Dever penned a missive published at in which she laments the Granite State’s lack of diversity and the horrible future it portends. Irony, that dark horse, follows.

Experts have long agreed diversity improves educational outcomes. Groups of people who bring different perspectives and backgrounds to the table solve complex problems more creatively and flexibly than groups composed of more homogeneous participants.

On campus, an intentional commitment to diversity requires everyone to challenge the basic assumptions we carry in the door: assumptions about who counts and who matters, about our histories, our communities, and our shared future in a rapidly changing world. It means coming to grips with uncomfortable truths, but also realizing the surprising benefits that can only occur when we bring different perspectives together.

Dever’s foil is UNH and Asch points out that Dever provides no demographic proof, no verification of any kind to back up either premise or accusation. Her only defense is that she said it and it must, therefore, be true.

Note that Carolyn doesn’t even have the good grace to do some research and put forward statistics on current levels of diversity at UNH. That type of effort might teach us something, especially if Carolyn compared UNH to a few other schools. Or how about some convincing real-world examples of how diversity provides benefits to students and faculty — actual examples, rather than the usual generalizations? Nada.

There is little corroboration that anything for which Professor Dever pines includes perspectives or ideas that challenge liberal assumptions and ample proof it does not.

GraniteGrok holds in its archives dozens (if not scores) of examples that prove the point. “Inclusion and diversity” fraud run wild, in some cases literally. Its tantrums destroy property, careers, eating its own, often damaging the very institutions that created them. Triggered by ideas or individuals who challenge their indoctrinated worldview.

The exact opposite of what the mountebanks, bottle of elixir in hand, ascribe to the contents.

Th reality, known to the Carolyn Dever’s of the world, is that diversity of opinion is not permitted on most modern College Campuses. The inclusion of ideas outside the liberal hive mind is verboten. Yes, you can be any color, from any place, and are free to choose your own pronoun or designer gender, but only if your political and cultural worldview is in lockstep with their own.

Mr. Asch makes this point with some facts about Dartmouth in a followup.

Dartmouth v. US re party affiliation

The left-wing bias is closely matched by the data about political donations of the faculty. According to Crowdpac, Dartmouth is one of the country’s most liberal colleges3

Which is why Carolyn Dever is as qualified as any of them to dictate to us, and UNH, about New Hampshire’s complete lack of diversity as she defines it. But UNH has already proven itself to be as intellectually ‘diverse’ as Dartmouth. It was awarded the most microaggressed campus in America by Campus Reform.

UNH made national news with its very progressive Bias-Free Language guide. And while the guide itself vanished under a retooling of the UNH Inclusive Excellence Internet footprint, everyone and every idea behind it remained funded. A Political Death Star. A fully operational battle station. Using campus culture to suppress and reprogram worldviews that dare to exist outside the approved progressive dogma.

Joseph Asch sums it up.

Liberal professors teaching liberal students can transform liberal arts education into liberal indoctrination. Maybe Professor Dever needs to address this issue instead of sanctimoniously preaching about race-based admissions and employment quotas.

Dever quotes to us from the Book of Diversity, from a place and position without any.

I suppose we should be thankful that she did not advocate the use of violence to impose it?