UNH Awarded “Most Microaggressed Campus of the Year”

by Steve MacDonald


Campus Reform has declared UNH the most microaggressed campus of the year.

6. UNH: gender roles and sexist jokes cause migraines, heart disease among women

The University of New Hampshire released a pamphlet on gender microaggressions that claimed such aggressions have a “detrimental impact” on women by promoting “unequal wages” and causing “higher levels of poverty.” Microaggressions, according to the university, also harm women’s physical health by causing “migraines, heart disease, [and] autoimmune disorders.” Earlier in the year, UNH published a language guide claiming the word “American” was “problematic.”

Congratulations, UNH, for being Campus Reform’s 2015 Most Microaggressed Campus of the Year.

And about that UNH pamphlet linked in the pull-quote. It is part of,

An NSF funded program to improve the climate for UNH faculty through fair and equitable policies, practices and leadership development.

That’s right. You are paying for preemptive microaggression sensitivity indoctrination/training, and not just at UNH.

Feel like reminiscing? Here’s a link on our server to the now infamous Bais-Free Langauge Guide. The guide itself is no longer accessible through the UNH website but the people behind it (and their budget) are still in place as are the ideas behind it.


And while we’re on the subject, if you or someone you know is looking for a way to express false-outrage, but from a smaller ‘footprint,’ might I suggest nano-aggressions.


H/T  Kathleen

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  • Do they get an award for being the “Most Microagressed”?
    Could we say “Everyone’s a weiner!” ?

    • Kathleen LaBonte

      LOL! I needed that Mike!

  • mer

    Migraines, autoimmune disorders, heart disease.

    Welcome to equality. Stuff that men have been dealing with for years because of work related stress.

  • Front Toward Enemy

    These micro-aggressions of which you speak? What are they? Is this like that Bruce Jenner thing…just a mental disorder?

  • Radical Moderate

    I think you know my opinion on that ‘place’. It has been nothing but trouble.
    So many politically tainted ‘studies’ have oozed out of their like a cancer and have found their way into our government policies that if I was ever elected Governor the first executive order I would sign would be to halt all their state funding and dissolve their charter.
    Microagressions are the least of its problems.

    • sb

      Sounds like a plan!

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