Nice to see the Liberal/Progressive bias from Google on a sitting US Senator

More on that stuff about Google “fact checking” sites but this time on a Republican US Senator – would they do this to, say, Dick Durban (D-IL) or Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)?  Hardly: Google refers to Republican senator David Perdue as ‘lying, unscrupulous politician.

Google on Senator David Perdue R-GA

Wikipedia was cited as the source. It appears that the senator’s Wikipedia page was changed to include such wording, but the description was restored to its original wording three minutes later, according to a revision history page.

“Information that appears in the Knowledge Graph comes from a variety of sources from across the web, and we typically require factual validation from multiple sources. Occasionally, we can get this wrong, and in this case, our system was able to address the issue quickly,” a Google spokesperson told the Washington Examiner.

So much for having rock solid background information from sources that are “unbiased”.  Those of us that play in these areas know that the “fact checkers” used by Google, Facebook, Twitter, and others all seem to skew quite Left.  In the case of Wikipedia, it is rather well known that Left of Center folks have become Wiki-editors and put a Progressive slant into articles especially if they are ones that touch on politics or a Progressive agenda.  It is what it is.  Google got caught carrying it forward.  Not that it minded, I bet.

Is he a lying, unscrupulous politician?  He may be, he might not be – that’s not the issue here.  As Google purports to be an honest broker of information and search, is this something it should be doing?  And certainly, it is putting a cast on someone (just like it is doing with Conservative sites) that is unfavorable simply because (as we have all seen in the news) it hates Conservatives (re: James Dinsmore).

However, in my mind, it is just another example of how the online space is becoming more and more biased against the Right.  “Don’t do Evil” is Google’s motto – methinks that has gone by the boards (and quite some time ago).  I’ve switched to using DuckDuckGo a lot – why continue to give my eyeballs to some entity that hates my guts?

(H/T: Washington Examiner, Powerline)