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Men Have No Say? Then Why Make Them Pay?

[Bumped- because it came up on today’s GrokTALK!: Originally posted Feb 9th, 2012]

The short-lived Komen for the Cure controversy over funding for Planned Parenthood ignited more than a few debates in the verse, more of them about abortion as it turns out than breast cancer screening. And we (men) were “reminded” of a few things.  Not only does funding “women’s health issues” continue to be successfully propagandized as the latest invented constitutional mandate (men don’t have the same mandate if you forgot), but the femi-nazis and their gargoyle familiars have taken the occasion to remind anyone with a penis that they have no say whatsoever in whether or not a woman should, could, can, or will have an abortion.  Men have no say. Fathers have no say. Just go away

If this is your policy, that’s fine, but from now on permission to use your vagina should come with some kind of End User License Agreement (EULA) which can be read and signed in advance of any intimate contact. Let’s call it the VULVA– Vaginal Use Liability Verification Agreement

The VULVA will stipulate the following. It’s yours. Your decision to treat it like a drive-thru is your business and your responsibility.  And that despite all precautions real or implied, pregnancy is a common outcome of intercourse. If the use of said Vagina results in an unplanned pregnancy (and therefore a potential additional unplanned use of the same vagina as a result of that pregnancy), the user of the vagina will in no way be held financially responsible for any decision made by the mother. This is based on the presumption of the in-force femi-nazi code which states that “men have no say whatsoever in whether or not the woman has an abortion because men cannot get pregnant.” If men cannot get pregnant then these women shall not facilitate the following double standards regarding secondary uses of the same vagina for which men also have absolutely no control. Like birth.

Deanna Chandler frames it differently for us over at,

We tell women that it’s okay to not want their baby; that if it’s too hard or expensive that they can just get an abortion. But men don’t have a “choice.” For 18 years (not just 9 months), a man is required to provide financial support for any child he creates.

No choice for men, until now! No longer need you be a victim of your urges. You too can be as care free as the people who use CareFree®.  Just because she can’t keep her legs together, is no reason why you should have to spend 16 hours a day working on yours just so you can afford Raman noodles because the court gave her custody and close to every dime you earn. Demand to see that VULVA!

(This is biting satire people work with me.)

All kidding aside (mostly aside), this is a startling bit of hypocrisy. Why are men held responsible but have no voice?

Despite the simple biological fact that in any consensual sexual coupling two people begin a pregnancy (you won’t have much luck suing the sperm bank to pay child support), if the father has no voice and no rights before the baby is born–just because he cannot get pregnant–then be prepared to explain why he should suddenly be held responsible for 18 years of a child’s life when he also cannot give birth. On these terms, that is also solely the woman’s choice.

Or you could skip the feminist vitriol, and accept the risks, before during and after. If neither of you can see yourselves raising kids together, maybe you better just stick with a kiss, and skip the VULVA altogether. I realize that is a lot to ask from the over-sexualized culture that promotes free-sex, hook-ups, contraception, abortions, day after pills, practically begging you to all behave like animals without concern for the consequences.

But there are consequences.

Life is dependent on the action of two “parents,” one of which still needs to be a man. And babies Choose Life - encourage fatherhooddepend on both for a long time. And whether dependent in the womb of the mother or the womb of the home, ending that little persons life is murder. Or is the abortion lobby looking to expand its business model to “live–a few weeks, months, years, after birth–abortion” as well?

“What happened to little Timmy?”

“He reached his second trimester of life and it just wasn’t working out. I hadn’t slept since he was born so we had him aborted. Do you need any baby clothes? “

I’m betting fathers wouldn’t have a voice then either, (women’s rights, you know) which is just as ironic as the current tack–and the point of my sarcasm. The same women who demand responsibility when the mother “chooses” life, are the ones who have created the culture beforehand in which the fathers have no responsibility and no voice whatsoever. And this has been going on for decades. Do I now have to explain why you reap what you sow?