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Al Letizio – decides he can continue his brand of intimidation

Oh, before I forget – I have YET to hear back from either one of these chuckleheads who obviously didn’t understand that one just doesn’t go after bloggers simply because you believe your (un)lofty position of having won a political race makes you BMOC everywhere.  Unlike newspapers who buy ink by the barrel (and have to buy more when they need it), we simply pay a set price to kill off as many pixels as we want.

So when we last left the Saga of the Poli-tics “Do you know who I am” Demanders, Dennis Senibaldi and Al Letizio, the latter had decided to actually send me an email. Well, emails sent to me (or any other Grokster) are covered for “usage”.  I answered it in a fashion that I thought was rather nice (given the range of options possible).  After all, from our Policies and FAQ page (written at the time we opened the doors):

I am the benevolent tyrant of GraniteGrok. Since I own it and pay the bills, I get to make all the rules (yup, he who has the gold makes the rules).


Anything you send is fair game for us and we may use it on the site. Exceptions to this policy is only if you ask us not to. However, if we judge the email to be nasty, we still may post it and skewer it and its (lack of) critical thinking.

So, Al Letizio both sent in another email AND I put it in the category of “nasty” in terms of consequences (emphasis mine, as always):

To: “skipdcm” <>
Sent: 3/27/2015 3:42:49 PM
Subject: Re: Granite Grok Article – Letizio

Dear Skip,

Thanks for your prompt response. Thank you also for your children’s service to our country. I believe that you may be questioning my family’s service to our nation, so let me provide you with a little information. I would also direct you to view my FaceBook site where you will see photographs posted of my daughter in uniform in Afghanistan. My daughter Samantha is a Doctor who is also a U.S. Navy Lieutenant who was serving with Special Forces at Camp Integrity a forward operating base in Kabul Afghanistan up to a few days ago until she returned to serve at Camp Pendleton in California. My son Adam is also a U.S. Navy Lieutenant currently serving as a Naval Jet Pilot on the TACAMO mission, US Strategic Communication Wing One, in our nation’s nuclear defense program.

Kindly forward the contact information for your legal counsel so that I may advise my law firm accordingly.

Thank you,

Al Letizio, Jr.

So, I thought I was being nice – Al Letizio offered up some info on his offspring were military but I was rather curious because his reference about his daughter isn’t seen much, so I did ask the question: “I am curious – Navy Special Ops; your daughter is a SEAL?”  So Al Letizio decided to get all belligerent and snippy.  I didn’t question anything other than looking for a clarification because most people familiar with the military and seeing “Navy Special Operations” instantly think SEALs.  Now, I think he went a too far with the “pouty lip stuck out” and gave out WAY too much info but hey, I wasn’t tickling his keyboard – he was.

But Al Letizio decided to double down on his legal threat which told me a couple of things:

  • Al Letizio rejected my offer to make it plain and explicit what parts of Kimberly’s posts were in error either in part(s) or in toto.
  • Al Letizio‘ s bluffing – he’s got bumpkis because he won’t ante up.
  • Al Letizio‘s STILL thinking that because the caved and it being a big corporation, being a teenie blogsite, I should be quivering like Jello and trembling like the ‘Grok dogs in a thunderstorm.

So, my response was one more step edgier:

On Mar 27, 2015, at 4:08 PM, skipdcm <> wrote:

Hi Al,
>> I believe that you may be questioning my family’s service
No, just a bit of surprise – when I think of Navy Special Ops I immediately think SEALs and while I know that there are some that are trying to open all billets in the armed services to females, I was thinking “gosh, how did that sneak by me that women are allowed in SEALs (as front line).
In other words, he took as an attack my simple question.  But this is the way of Poli-tics that are accused of wrongdoing – they immediately start to threaten (following a well established pattern of behavior by said tics when one has turned the tables and now present a threat to THEM of their own doing).  I let him know that he SHOULD have applied Occam’s Razor…
…or sometimes, a question IS just a simple question. But it was his other bluff that drew my ire – effectively still believing if he only applied just a bit more pressure, I’d go “yes, sahib; right away, sahib”.  Not quite:
>> Kindly forward the contact information for your legal counsel so that I may advise my law firm accordingly.
As of right now, you have not provided me with ANY specific information as to what you are alleging is wrong / incorrect as I previously requested for any of Kimberly’s posts.  This is a simple request – what is wrong cannot be corrected unless you specifically inform me of such.
Yep – can’t fix what’s (potentially) wrong if I don’t know what it is:
Your legal counsel will inform you of that as well – the offer was made and you have, to this point, refused.
Yeah, that refusal to a good faith offer will pretty much kill ANY case he had…
Now, if this is your stance, I am quite sure that during Discovery (which will be far ranging, I’m sure), it may come out that you are threatening a SLAPP suit upon which judges and juries look ill upon.
Yeah, I would actually enjoy doing Discovery – questions, questions, questions, and MORE questions!  Think of it as a MEGA Big Flashlight provided by our legal system (and we love Big Flashlights here at the ‘Grok)!  But I decided to have a bit (a real teeny little bitty bit) of pity on Al Letizio, this poor soul – I gave him one last chance:
So I reiterate my request – specifically show me in Kimberly’s posts what are factually wrong – and I reiterate my offer: you can post a rebuttal to each and every point.  MORE speech is always better than no speech.  You have given me no specifics, that is all I am asking for; I can’t correct what I don’t know is wrong.  Your legal counsel will tell you that as well.
– Skip

Indeed – they would.  Probably a couple of times.  And talk about the potential that his threatening to really go to a trial (again: DISCOVERY!!) would be considered to be a SLAPP suit (basically, lawfare to cost others’ time, money, and publicity to their detriment and not to “find the truth”) – punishment and retribution.

Yes, the hallmark of a true Poli-tic!

And I kept imagining what Al Letizio‘s legal counsel will say (hahahahahaha!)

My takeaways from this were:

  • He doesn’t value his kids’ security all that much by revealing too much OpSec.  For cryin’ out loud, I STATE that I would (see above) – he FAILED to do his homework.
  • He’s about as good a bluffer as he is a nitwit.  Exploitation to come.

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