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Who is Al Letizio? Sillier, dumber, and less smart than Dennis Senibaldi – for starters

Ah yes, that So, last post I decided to relay to you, readers, of the intent by politician (re: from the Latin “poly” meaning many and “tics” meaning blood sucking parasites only out for their own good) Dennis Senibaldi  to intimidate me to pull down the GraniteGrok posts that Grokster Kimberly had put up about the malfeasance done in Windham.  Certainly his supporters have come up to call what Kimberly put up as inaccurate and, in some cases, outright lies in the various posts here.  After all, they pouted, the Examiner.com pulled their posts down and they are a FAR better site than GraniteGrok.  Yet when challenged, NONE of them could actually point out a single data point that was in error.

Naw, it just means they did an almost instantaneous takedown after receiving the demands from Dennis Senibaldi and Al Letizio but extended no loyalty or due process for Kimberly and just caved.  Political and Journalistic courage be damned (and their First Amendment protections) so it seems.  And I have waited most patiently to hear back from Dennis Senibaldi who said that he would “contemplate” my offer over the weekend to write a rebuttal AND tell us where Kimberly was in error.  As Howie Carr oft says, however, when the phone don’t ring you know its for you.  No lovely phone call, no loving emails – I’m crushed.

I sit here, alone, with lots of Lies, Inaccuracies, and “MORIN!” – but no answers from he who issued them: Dennis Senibaldi.  I sit, perplexed – they don’t want to share what’s wrong?  Vagueness, wisps of smoke, mirrors – “Pay no attention to that Lie behind the curtain!”.  Sadness abounds – in with a thundering roar from Dennis Senibaldi, now not even the noise of a quantum pop of an anti-proton.

Al LetizioBut not all is lost, for soon after I had that call with Dennis Senibaldi, I got an email from yet ANOTHER Windham politician (remember: “poly” & “tic”) by the name of Al Letizio who decided to do a bum’s rush on your’s truly (and again, keep that visualization that all politicians put their underwear on the same the rest of us do – they aren’t all that special, generally speaking) (emphasis mine):

From: “Al Letizio Jr.” <aletizio@AJLetizio.com>
To: “skip@granitegrok.com” <skip@granitegrok.com>
Sent: 3/27/2015 1:48:49 PM
Subject: Granite Grok Article – Letizio

Dear Skip,

I’m writing because I’m hoping you can assist me with a matter relating to damaging articles published about me to the site “Granite Grok.” I am unable to find a contact for that site’s administrator, yet I see that you are listed as a founder. I am hoping you would be able to provide me your assistance with this matter or your guidance in getting me to the appropriate person who would be able to do so.

I am filing e a complaint and further requesting the immediate removal of articles written about me by Kimberly Morin that currently appear on Granite Grok. These articles were originally posted on the “Examiner’s” site, then were picked up by the Grok subsequently. Upon my filing of a complaint and notice of my intention to commence legal action, the Examiner immediately removed these articles. There articles are demonstrably factually inaccurate and portray me in a manner that is both damaging to my reputation and my profession. They also completely distort my long record as a conservative community leader, on a local, regional and national level. I pride myself in having an excellent reputation and this is the ONLY article published about me of its kind, ever. As I stated, the statements made as fact were not thoroughly researched by the writer, are not factually accurate and can be easily demonstrated as such. The writer never took any input from me whatsoever before writing the article, apparently relying on a single biased opinion that was portrayed as fact. I attempted to remedy this situation with the writer of the article, Ms. Morin and she refused to take any of my information, hurling insults at me in response instead. My daughter, who was on an active deployment with the US Navy with Special Operations in Afghanistan and my son deployed as a US Naval Aviator on the opposite side of the world, were among those who first saw Ms. Morin’s damaging articles about me and were very upset when they were posted. It’s amazing how far the reach can be of damaging information when published utilizing technology in today’s world. I value my reputation greatly and am prepared to take action to protect it. I thought that before taking next steps in legal actions, I would contact you to attempt to resolve this matter in an amicable manner, as was accomplished to my satisfaction with the legal team at the Examiner. I hope that you will write me back or call me so that we can speak personally and resolve this matter promptly. I can be reached at 603-894-4445×24.

For your convenience, here is a link to one of the articles written that appear on your site:

Windham School Board election gets ugly thanks to Selectman Al Letizio Jr.

Thank you in advance for your kind consideration and assistance.

Respectfully submitted,

Al Letizio, Jr.

Well, the first thing I did was to go to that URL; this set the tone for my answer:

Al Letizio cant send an URL

Yeah, really.

But I did go over a few of the points in my return email to Al Letizio (emphasis mine):

On Mar 27, 2015, at 2:51 PM, skipdcm <Skip@GraniteGrok.com> wrote:

Mr. Letizio,
I am in receipt of your email and so far as my takeaway, you are unhappy with Kimberly’s post on a political opinion blogsite.  Certainly, everyone is entitled to their opinion; me, Kimberly, and (of course) you.  That said, I am not accustomed to just pulling down posts simply because someone is unhappy and insinuates that since another site took down their posts at the threat of legal action, I should as well.
Thus, I will give you the same opportunity that I just gave Mr. Senibaldi – equal time on GraniteGrok.  If you feel that something is wrong, time to clear it.  However, I will require that you provide specific, verifiable, and concrete evidence to the contrary of what is on GraniteGrok for each and every instance that you feel is in error so that I may check up and verify it independently.
So, I gave him a chance.  I made that chance clear.  I made my offer unambigious.  I made it “point” (as in “point by point”) objectively clear: “make believe I’m from Missouri – show me”. And then I gave him my philosophy that FULLY extends into the First Amendment (and yes, a bit of rubbing his nose (like when the ‘Grok dogs were puppies)  in it for such a ego-busting email from him expecting that I would cower just at the sight of his name (just like the ‘Grok dogs did during their first thunderstorm).
You see, my response to bad speech is not just to eliminate speech but MORE speech – I invite you to provide that “MORE Speech” along with Mr. Senibaldi. I will let you know that instead of jumping on that opportunity right away, his response (after I directed him to our FAQs that state that all incoming emails are subject to be posted and commented upon
Sidenote: note this last emphasis – it will show that the Great Communicator Ed Letizio may know who to write; not so much in the reading department
was one of “well, let me contemplate that over the weekend”; would you be supplying that information to me immediately?
US Navy with Special Operations in Afghanistan” – Now, I really didn’t get why he threw in his kids into this mess – I have a hard time with parents doing that (especially at protests with little kids holding signs – on both sides of the aisle) but that SpecOps generally means one major thing so I did ask that question:
BTW, I am also a double Blue Star Dad – my Eldest served a tour in Iraq with the US Marines and my Youngest did a year’s tour in Afghanistan in the Pech Valley (FOB was in the Mountain range bordering Pakistan – it was a major resupply / attack corridor) with the 101st Airborne.  I am curious – Navy Special Ops; your daughter is a SEAL?
– Skip


So the takeaway from these two emails should be:

  • He promises that he can back up his allegations
  • I give him the chance

So, did he???

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