Maggie Hassan’s On-going Culture of Corruption

by Steve MacDonald

Maggie the Red Hassan shows us the new civilityNH Governor Maggie Hassan’s may be leading one of the most unethical administrations in recent history.

Before she was even elected there was a large illegal campaign contribution, happily accepted by Hassan until they were told–reluctantly I am sure–that they had to give most of it back.  She was captured on video agreeing that Democrats could beat Republicans with a bat.   Her first budget that included 80 million dollars in revenue that, at the time, did not exist and would be illegal. She played some other (typical) Democrat budget hijinks as well–to make her turd of a first budget look a bit more shiny.

She got in (and I believe lost) a tussle with CT governor Malloy over CT naming hydro as renewable (which it is but not in New Hampshire) and removing wood fired plants from renewables (which I also have no issue him doing because NH Democrats are tree hugging hypocrites who ignore hydro because it would impact their desire for wind and solar projects, but are happy to burn trees and call it green energy.)

That was just the beginning.  Her problems have accelerated dramatically in the last two months.

Maggie Hassan’s On-going Culture of Corruption

Her Democrat AG invalidated the sovereignty of the state and every town’s and taxpayer’s rights within it by ruling that anyone from anywhere can show up and vote in your town, even if they leave the next day.

Because her budget is still full of holes she instituted a travel ban, which she then ignored, to travel on a trade mission to the increasingly hostile to women nation of Turkey, based on a lie; her so-called 22% increase in NH exports came from fracked oil that traveled through NH from the Bakken oil fields to Canada, never stopping in between.  And Hassan and New Hampshire Democrats oppose fracking.

Hassan bureaucrats waited until the end of the session to quietly propose a real estate transfer tax rule change that would have expanded taxing power for the budget impaired administration.  When it became public knowledge, and after I spun it as an outstanding opportunity to challenge ever Democrat running for office in NH about her tactics (which may or may not have played a role) they backed off and started spinning away form the sneak attack.

Shortly after that we learned that the Governor Hassan had accepted another illegal $25,000.00 dollar campaign contribution from another Union.  This time it was the IBEW, which stood to gain if the governor changed softened her opposition to Northern Pass, which has started to do.  The appearance of impropriety not withstanding, Hassan already knew she could not accept the donation but did it anyway.  Was she hoping for a more favorable ruling from her Democrat AG appointee, who went her way on the Domicile rules–which, by the way, are juts a place holder for 2014 because everyone knows that if this went to the Supreme Court they’d lose.  SCOTUS has ruled on Domicile and ID, and the NH courts and AG, so far, are contradiction them at the behest of state Party Democrats and the Hassan Administration.

In the wake of the refugee and illegal immigrant in invasion of the US, illegals have been relocated to various states without their permission.  When asked if New Hampshire would or has any such ‘refugees’ in the state, the Hassan administration acted clueless.  But we know for a fact some new ones have already arrived.

We know that ORIS, a refugee resettlement subcontractor, paid by the head through the federal government, has tried to move thousands of “refugees” into Dover.  We know that Manchester has been overloaded with them, and has begged the subcontractors to stop–“con”-tractors with no incentive to do so and plenty fresh refugees to resettle and hook up to local government services.

We’ve got Hassan’s DOT Commissioner wading in on campaign ads, she signed an anti-free speech buffer zone law weeks before SCOTUS ruled on a nearly identical law–which they overturned–while Hassan’s NH version has been blocked by another Judge, and now, fresh from yesterday, Hassan’s department of public safety has secretly (and as it turns out illegally) revised the NH resident pistol and revolver license application, creating what amounts to a dramatic extra-constitutional rule change.

In just a few months we can see the acceleration of lawlessness under the “leadership” of a Democrat governor who is happy to ignore the law herself and hope for the best.

And we cannot begin to guess what other rule changes or modification have occurred under her leadership, changes that residents may just have to stumble over to find them.

With just over three months before the general election, could anything else possibly go wrong for the Hassan Administration?

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