New Hampshire’s Version of ‘Hassanpfeffer’ Has “Turkey” In It

by Steve MacDonald

turkey-flagHasanpfeffer is rabbit stew.  In New Hampshire we have something different.  It is called ‘Hassanpfeffer.’  It is made with a New Hampshire Democrat, “Turkey,” and hypocrisy.

Governor Maggie Hassan, your typical light-weight, two-faced tax and spend liberal, has discovered that contrary to Democrat party talking points the economy is not that hot.  In response to revenue issues, some of which–admittedly–were a long time coming, she’s announced a spending freeze for all of the Granite State that includes out-of-state travel paid for from the general fund.   A freeze that does not apply to Maggie Hassan.

The governor has booked a ‘Trade Mission” to the Hassan Homeland that will cost the taxpayers about  $15,000.00 dollars.  Citizens for a Strong NH has issued a Right to Know Request regarding the expenses related to the trip, and considering the Governor’s own executive order moratorium on such spending that seems appropriate, but I have another question.

How can a cultural talking-points, Progressive narrative slave like Maggie Hassan validate a regime that consistently denies rights to women and the LGBT community, and where is the outrage from local advocacy groups for same (who have a prominent presence in our state) in opposition to her trip?

I know, Turkey is bad on free speech, the free press, incarceration, torture, ill-treatment of prisoners, excessive use of force, an unfair judicial system, and conscientious objection, but those are all things most Democrats would tolerate as long they were only exercised against their political opponents.  And yes, if the truth be told, that goes for the war on women and gay bigotry stuff as well–Democrats really don’t give a damn about blacks, women, gays, or anyone else who dares to think outside the tiny, little, misshapen box in which they conceal their hypocritical, misbegotten notion of a worldview.   But Turkey has a long, unpleasant history of mistreating all women and gender-gymnasts, and that continues despite the perception that among Muslim nations Turkey is one of the lesser evils when it comes to this variety of oppression.

To make matters worse for Hassan and her ilk, Turkey recently introduced legislation that would further restrict access to “needed health care” for women and girls and contravene their human rights.  Yes.  Limiting access to abortion.

Seems to me that Democrat Governor Hassan might want to consider creating a 2500 mile buffer zone around Turkey to keep Gender warriors from looking like raging hypocrites by traveling on trade missions to oppressive countries that are actively denying women things the same Democrats demand are essential to a womans health.

Never fear.

Democrats can’t taste hypocrisy and they only claim to smell it when it is not their own.  There will be no outrage from the out-of-state funded groups like the Human rights campaign, or Freedom to Marry, the NHCA or GraniteState Progress.  They only have eyes for a specific brand of outrage, one that presents a threat to the taxpayer-funded public / non-profit gravy train that pays them to do unproductive work as professional grievance mongers, policy drug mules, and paid hitmen (women, whatever) for the left-wing organs of the super-state.

As for Hassan, New Hampshire’s version of Hassapfeffer is still on the menu and will be served up in late June of 2014 when the Governor gives her outrage (and her fiscal freeze) a waiver and ‘Rabbits’ off to Turkey on a “trade mission.”  I guess she is trading her integrity, if ever she had any, for commerce, which if I’m not mistaken is supposed to be one of those things only evil Republicans are ever accused of doing.

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