Shut Out By A Bloomburglar?

by Rick Olson

“People do not wish to appear foolish; to avoid the appearance of foolishness, they are willing to remain actually fools.” —Alice Walker

ScottBrown_BlowhardLast night, I went to Concord to the Holiday Inn for the Gun Owners of New Hampshire monthly meeting to challenge Scott Brown on his Second Amendment Positions. Just to be clear, I was personally invited by GONH President Mitch Kopacz. Upon my arrival, however, I,  along with Granite Grok’s Skip Murphy, was corralled by some unknown handler and asked to leave the property. This individual would not identify himself, other than as, “Hotel Management.”  He would not answer any of the questions I asked, and was rude. So I was summarily kicked to the curb…the leader of one of New Hampshire’s largest Fish & Game Club’s…and a GONH affiliate.

I supposed I could have said, “You know who I am?” But honestly, I find people like that bellicose and obnoxious, and  I stop listening when I hear that. Those who know me, also know my silence is far more concerning because it indicates I am thinking about what I am going to do in response. Hence this post.

Simply because he identified himself as a hotel employee does not mean that he is…or was. But woe to him if he was a Scott Brown Staffer. Woe to Scott Brown.

And as predicted, Scott Brown was all smoke and mirrors. He did not answer questions directly. So questions were directly asked, but answers were not directly given. One attendee described him as, “artful” in his rhetoric. But I don’t have the benefit of having heard him speak. I was not allowed in.

When Brown makes these appearances, he specifically requests that no media, no cameras or other press be present. Many have bent over to honor that corrupt request. To honor Scott Brown, the Bloomburglar.

Scott Brown is not honest. He might be well-spoken, charming, all that and a bag of chips, but one thing he is consistent about is not answering the questions directly. I hear that theme over and over. Brown was asked if he had applied for his “concealed carry license” yet, to which he responded that he did a month and a half ago and was waiting for the references to be cleared.” But that answer in an of itself demonstrates a lack of familiarity with New Hampshire Gun Laws  and reflects a reference more akin to Massachusetts Gun laws. Either that or he lied.

RSA 159:6 (b) states in part,

The license shall be issued within 14 days after application, and, if such application is denied, the reason for such denial shall be stated in writing, the original of which such writing shall be delivered to the applicant, and a copy kept in the office of the person to whom the application was made.”

What politician would come before gun groups to steer the conversation away from guns and the second amendment? Scott Brown.  Brown says, “You have to look at my overall record.”  Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.

Scott Brown works tirelessly to exclude media and the press while advocating for transparency in government. Scott Brown is a phony and a poser. Unlike other folks running for a political office, he fails to talk to people on a visceral level and earn their trust. He is not a risk taker and his campaign is crafted and tailored for the easily-duped sheeple who are looking for the next shiny thing to distract them. Those who will vote for anybody so long as they have that R next to his or her name. Scott Brown’s campaign is little more than Kabuki Theater.


A wealthy politician, whose kindly manner camouflages an evil agenda. A political candidate acting in their own self interest, who by their extraordinary charisma allows ordinary citizens to be deceived enough to be swindled.

>Was Scott Brown effective last night? Did he say anything at all that reassures Granite State Gun Owners? The concensus is that he did not.

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  • So, apart from a few local GOP groups where he was reported to have been “open” in his answers, brown remains every bit as transparently slippery as the night he appeared at my home, when any attempt to get a straight answer to anything slid off him like a teflon coated glass column.

    • His answers were characterized as “artful”

      • Hah!!! You know what word goes with “Artful”???

        Meet the “Artful Dodger”:
        Jack Dawkins, better known as the Artful Dodger, is a character in the Charles Dickens novel Oliver Twist. Dodger is a pickpocket, so called for his skill and …
        I feel another Photoshop moment coming on!!

      • And with that, a couple of quotes purloined from

        “People who seek political power are, with exceptions too rare to matter, never to be trusted; at best, such people are vain and officious busybodies. People who actually achieve political power are to be trusted even less than those who seek it without success; winning elections requires a measure of deceitfulness and Machiavellian immorality that no decent person comes close to possessing.” — Donald Boudreaux

        “The personal qualities necessary for attaining office are practically the opposite of those demanded by the office itself. The trouble with the damn system is that it selects for the skills needed to get elected, and nothing else. A test that you can only pass by cheating can’t possibly select honest people.” — James P. Hogan

  • Do you have a picture of “Hotel Staff”?
    It would be nice to (A) take the picture to the hotel general manager and complain about his attitude toward an invited guest and accredited member of the organization which had paid for the space. (B) Look out for the bozo at other campaign events, and greet him as “Mr hotel staff”

    • Skip does…When he gets a second, I suspect he will post it up.

      • and if it turns out to be one of Browns people…heh

      • granitegrok

        Video has been processed and uploaded to YouTube; will be posting them here in a wee bit.

  • Radical Moderate

    Brown is the Establishment Republican choice. That’s the reality of the situation. No amount of Second Amendment controversy will change that fact. The main stream NH Establishment media will always slant toward Brown’s candidacy no matter how an event transpires on the ground. There is too much money for Establishment Republicans to make in NH to allow a populist republican into the office. Brown has already proven he’s safe and won’t endanger their ‘long term plans’.
    The only way you’re going to be able to exert any change on Brown is by sitting down with Sununu to figure out an amicable solution for all involved.

    • allen

      “sitting down with Sununu to figure out an amicable solution for all involved”

      in other words, throwing all your friends to the crocodile, in the hopes that when he gets to you he’s not hungry anymore. sununu won’t be satisfied with anyone he doesn’t hand-pick…and anyone he hand-picks will be a RINO to the core.

      • Radical Moderate

        An amicable solution does not entail throwing anyone under the bus, although I know that does in fact happen in some cases. My definition of ‘amicable’ is defined as something akin to how the US and USSR co-existed throughout the cold war period. Capisce?

        • allen

          “you exist over there and we won’t bother you, and we exist over here and you won’t bother us” amicable solution isn’t in the sununu or progressive (but I repeat myself) vocabulary. a cold war inside the republican party won’t work.

          • Radical Moderate

            It seems to be working for Putin quite well at this point. No one has dared attack him yet, even though he has thrown up his middle finger at them. Though our opponents are most certainly prepared to fight, you assume they have a desire to fight.
            I respectfully suggest they do not.

          • allen

            the dirty secret with putin is that he’s running out of money. keeping 75% of his army in the field for this long has broken his ability to supply them..never mind supplying crimea, which is entirely dependent on supplies trucked in through ukraine…like they’ll actually let that through..or by sea, and they’ve wrecked most of the harbor keeping the ukrainian navy in port. sure, he has aircraft too…and plenty of gas for them…but a plane with a full tank and a pilot with an empty belly is not how to run an air force.

            but as far as the sununu wing of the republican, they have no desire to fight us..they just want us to sit down, shut up, and vote as we’re told. and they can’t understand WHY we don’t just do that and let them do what they need to do because they’re smart and we’re obviously dumb hicks who don’t see the big picture.

            it’s very hard to compromise with a group of people that hold us with that level of contempt.

  • Kathleen LaBonte

    When anyone mentions the name “Scott Brown” the only image that immediately comes to mind is the 3/15/14 Concord Monitor article of Jennifer Horn and Scott in a tight embrace. Some of the article reads:
    “It won’t surprise you that I’ve been paying special attention to (my wife) Gail, who’s been telling me that if I really want to make a difference, then I should run for United States senator in New Hampshire,” he said. “Honey, you are right, I’m going to stop complaining and get involved again.”

    How about this quote in the article:
    “He brings in a star power that we haven’t had to date in this race; the Democrats are clearly concerned about him,” said Jim Merrill, a Republican strategist who worked for Mitt Romney.” With Republican strategists like Jim Merrill on his team, no wonder Mitt didn’t win!!!

    Brown is nothing but a sycophant (as so many are on both sides of the aisle), and we don’t need “stars” to wish upon…there are enough of them in the heavens. Our nation is desperate for principled leaders with true moral character and fiber, and Jennifer Horn and her ridiculous GOP cohorts should demand this also of those they endorse. Rick, the pen is mightier than the sword, and you are an amazing writer on top of all your life’s work and accomplishments. Those low-lifes might think they have the last word, but you have the last action. For me, in this article, you replaced the image of Brown/Horn’s embrace with one of someone I so admire and respect. As Memorial Day approaches, I would like to thank you so much for your service, and as I attend my home town Memorial Service in Loudon and think of those we have lost, I will also think of you and those that are still with us doing all they can to uphold our Constitution and keep our Nation’s sovereignty. Semper Fi!

  • Steve

    So you’ve been “Brown-Listed” then?

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  • Don

    I would be very interested in hearing GONH’s official position on this.

    • I called Mitch last Thursday prior to the event. I asked Mitch if it were true that press and media were excluded from the event. His answer was not clear. I was left with the impression that Mitch told the Brown people they would not commit to that. I also had read where Ralph Dimecco said press was excluded. I took that with a grain of salt because, 1) papers get stuff wrong. 2) I know Ralph well and he is a solid, solid 2nd amendment guy..So ultimately, I was not at all clear. I know that Browns people were seeking to come to the Club I am president of and my response is/was “You come to my house, hat in hand wanting to address the membership, you don’t get to set terms” Summarily, they have not come. Jim Rubens has been there, Bob Smith and Karen Testerman are certainly welcome

  • stan

    Scott Brown is as phoney and inept as is Obama. When the ATF comes crashing through your front door to confisgate all of your illegal firearms, they will have a poster that say’s “Scott Brown sent us”. Where is GONH’s common sense ? Are they as hungry for a celebrity’s attention as is the NH GOP ? Here’s a message to the NH GOP. “Keep giving us trash choices as potential candidates for public office and we will stop voting.” you are all a dickfer.

    • allen

      since I’m a betting man, I’ll see that ATF raid team and raise you a 3% solution for it. no matter what laws they matter what they matter what they the end, and armed citizen still gets veto power.

  • allen

    ” I was personally invited by GONH President Mitch Kopacz.”

    it sounds to me like Mitch has some ‘splainin to do. and GO-NH had better not endorse a candidate that has as part of his SOP to kick out standing members out of GO-NH meetings.

    • By the tone of their advance posting, I think GONH expected tough but polite questions that would get real answers.
      Clearly they fell for the ruse that “answers would be uninhibited without press/recording devices”. He sprang the same thing on me, so Skip and I were reduced to paper notes and memory, but the lack of recording devices did not result in crisp, substantive answers.
      Clearly he is now at the stage of bouncing anyone connected with conservative media, while failing to grasp that people will talk, and the stories of his evasion and dissembling will spread.

      Dear Senator Brown – good conservatives learn who the LIBERAL trackers are, so they can avoid being misquoted. With us, you won’t be misquoted, but your quotable moments had better be truthful. Your are failing the BS test.

      • allen

        he fears liberal trackers. obviously he fears conservative trackers too…perhaps that tells you all you need to know about the man, yes?

        I’d send him a republican repair kit but he’d need a place in him to place those objects, and his pride is in the way.

    • GONH never endorses candidates.

      • allen

        has there been any commentary yet from anyone that didn’t get thrown out of the meeting? I’m guessing he probably tried to grease the skids with a nice donation to the organization..and then danced around any questions everyone had for him.

  • Brown Out:
    What happens when demand for electricity exceeds supply, and a reduction in voltage occurs.
    What happened in Massachusetts when the demand for political integrity exceeded the supply during an “Indian Summer”, and a reduction in VOTE-age occurred.
    What we are fervently hoping for in NH, when a long hot summer of campaigning causes a failure of primary power…

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