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GrokTV: Cornerstone Common Core Forum – Jane Robbins

The third speaker of the night was Jane Robbins.  She is a Senior Fellow with American Principles Project. Her works includes education policy, student privacy and parental rights issue and has drafted state legislation on educational transparency and sovereignty. Ms. Robbins began her career as a labor lawyer for an Atlanta firm, after which she worked for the firm as director of associate training and writing coach. Since then she has taught legal writing at Emory Law School, presented legal-writing workshops for firms in Atlanta and Washington, DC, and served as a writing consultant for several Atlanta firms. In the past several years she has handled a variety of legal projects for different firms and organizations. On behalf of APP, Ms. Robbins writings have appeared in, among other places, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The New York Post, and Public Discourse. Ms. Robbins is a native of Pendleton, South Carolina, and is a graduate of Harvard Law School and Clemson University.

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