Voter Fraud – WMUR’s “Closeup” – domicile, intent, and “getting inside their heads”

Domicile and intent – which the Democrat Party has turned into “drive-by living” and “you can’t know what’s in my head” constructions to violate the integrity of true NH voters simply for partisan purposes.  NH Law:

“An inhabitant’s domicile for voting purposes is that one place where a person, more than any other place, as established a physical presence, and manifests an intent to maintain a single continuous presence for domestic, social, and civil purposes relevant to participating in democratic self government.”

WMURA lot of times here on the ‘Grok, I take potshots at WMUR for various and sundry reasons – and give them kudos from time to time as well.  Certainly, they decided to “Afflict the Comfortable” when they aired their segments in their news programs about “Martha’s Motel” – the continued use of NH State Senator / Democrat National Committee member Martha Fuller Clark’s home in Portsmouth being used as a fly-by and drive-by for Leftist / OFA (Organizing for Obama / America) political operatives that come to NH  for a couple of weeks or months to work on political races, vote, and then skedaddle.

I do try to DVR and listen to Closeup every week – yes, sometimes it’s a “hit the FORWARD” a couple of times and sometimes I do use it to comment up – this time, it is the latter.  Our official motto when writing about anything  is “Spank’em when they’re wrong and Thank’em when they do right”.  This is a “thanks!” for WMUR for continuing to follow up on this topic BECAUSE it is important and I do think (for all the times I’ve taken McElveen to the woodshed here, he did a good job at balancing the moderating the panel” as it showed, as with the chasm between the two political parties, there is a wide separation from the Right and the Left concerning the basics of what “domicile” and “intent” are for the purposes of voting.  Two lawyers (on the Right, Gordon MacDonald and the Left by Martin “Marty” Honigberg , two activists (Grant Bosse of the Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy (a Free Market think tank) and Zandra Rice-Hawkins of Granite State Progress (the outpost of out-of-state Progressive money that wishes to unmoor our Live Free or Die state from its traditional values).  I wish they had posted both segments up.  So Snippets to comment on and will put up the two segments in their entirety, a la ‘Grok standard policy, to show complete context into which my commentary may be placed.

Keep watch during the rest of the day.  But Grant’s summary is perfect of the logjam that the Democrats have set up concerning solving the Voter Fraud here in NH:

“We should just set up voting booths at the airport and at rest stops.”

To quote Hillary CLinton, effectively, if anyone can vote, then: “What difference at this point does it make?

Er, it DOES matter.  And it needs to be fixed.  Just ask VP Joe Biden about his daughter, Alana Biden, voting here in NH and then skedaddling  back to Connecticut?