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Another Maple Syrup Stake Through Their Global Warming Heart

Talking about Maple Syrup and Maple Syrup production has become an annual affair, only because the ideologically motivated New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D- EMILY’s List), used the sticky stuff as part of a charade to pull at voters ignorant heart-strings.   Had she never brought it up I’d have little or no reason to mention it all.  But the fact that she was wrong, demands that we add yet more content for Goggle to unearth whenever folks enter the search terms “Shaheen, Maple Syrup.”

To preface, five years ago, Shaheen cried wolf that Global Warming™ was set to doom New Hampshire’s Maple Syrup production, cost jobs, ruin tourism,  blah blah..BS, BS…hasn’t happened.  Not happening.

And the USDA has just announced that this year Maple Syrup producers set a record, producing 70% over last year.

To put that in it’s proper context you have to know a few things.  First, in 2011 production hit a 76 year high not seen since 1920’s (apx 120,000 gallons just in NH).  Last years production was down 36% from the record year (76,000 in NH), and this year production in NH hit 124,000 gallons, up 63% from last year, and several percent higher than the record year that proceeded it.  Not exactly what you’d call an industry suffering from the so-called effects of Global Warming.

There were more taps in each successive year, and 2011 still had the higher reported yield per tap, but 2013 is not far behind, and it is clear that the idea that anyone who believed Jeanne Shaheen about Global Warming’s effect on New Hampshire’s tourism or syrup industry, either got fooled or was in on the deception.

Tourism has not been affected by the weather any more than it was before the politically motivated politicized weather as an excuse to spend your money on their boondoggles and to grow government.  And it becomes increasingly clear every year, that this criminal act of collectivist fraud has diverted billions nationally, and tens of millions locally, away from things like roads and bridges or easing the tax burdens on local businesses to encourage job and wage growth.

Nope.  We actually wasted tax dollars to make everyone’s electricity cost more; to add red tape through the bureaucracy; to create a slush fund through which the state and its officials could reward favored donors and industries of politicians instead of leaving that money with those who earned it and allowing them to reward them with their custom.

The Democrat party is nothing more than a player looking to relieve you from your fiscal panties so they can score.  They will say and do anything to separate you from another dollar, stoop to any emotional chicanery they can concoct to convince you that you cannot function in society without their constant and pricey oversight.  That you are nothing without their big government beside you, guiding your hand, providing for you, giving you direction on almost every aspect of your day to day life, providing for you…

It makes you feel like the stereotypical fifties housewife who has no identity without her husband “big government” to run her life.

How’s that for ironic?

I guess we need to start a taxpayers liberation movement.  We’re tired of big-daddy government thinking that we can’t be our own selves.  That we do not have an identity without the Democrats intrusive state lording over our every move.   That we need them to mean something.  Tat we can’t built it ourselves…

…just go back to the sixties feminist rhetoric for the rest.

And to think this all started with Maple Syrup.

Bottom line, the best outcome for Jeanne Shaheen here is that she was just reading off the talking points she was given, much like she did with Obama Care and a host of other left-wing policy initiatives that failed or are failing, and stand to do long term damage to the very people she was told these initiatives would help.   And what that means is that she is not your US Senator, she is a wholly owned and operated outlet of the National Democrat Party and the special interests that fund them,who serves not to protect or Defend New Hampshire but to simply repeat whatever they tell her to say. That’s best case.

Worst case, she knows she is deceiving you and is politicizing everything on purpose in pursuit of unbridled state power over everything.

As for the Maple Syrup, and the Global Warming, we could just as easily argue, given that the names, causes, and effects of left-wing-politicized weather keep changing, that “climate change” is actually good for Maple Syrup production, has improved autumn leaf-color, improved the length and quality of the ski season–and by extension improved tourism.  Our best possible response to this would be to do less and less to curb it, whatever the hell it is, get the government out of the weather business altogether, and move on to more important things.

Do not fear.  That will never happen as long as Jeanne Shaheen is a US Senator.   Her ideologically driven donors and dedication to  the lefts political agenda–regardless of it’s real or imagined effect on New Hampshire–is unwavering.  We’ll be politicizing breakfast condiments for years to come if she manages to get re-elected.