Democrat Civility Alert #infinity+1: This pretty much defines what “fringe” is for Democrats

At least there is none of that faux friendship of “my friend from <name your state>” that we often hear from US Congressmen or Senators.  It seems that Democrats believe, and are now willing, to call ANYONE with an R after their name, “fringe” whenever the Rs don’t do what the Ds demand they do.

Lovely display of “civility”, eh?  Once again, we see that civility of and by Democrats is reserved for Republicans that agree with them; if you don’t, you are automatically “fringe” and on the outskirts of normal thinking (emphasis mine):

Environment and Public Works Committee chairwoman Barbara Boxer seethed over her Republican colleagues’ boycotting a hearing for President Obama’s nominee to head the EPA, Gina McCarthy, repeatedly calling them “fringe.” “This is outrageous,” Boxer said ”They’re fringe, they’re out of the mainstream, they’re trying to force their pro-pollution stance on the Obama administration.”

“Get out of the fringe lane,” she later exclaimed.

Hmmm, sounds more like the vocabulary of schoolyard bullies who can’t believe they got outwitted which certainly fits Babs Boxer.  Once again, we see this Progressive insist upon the “you will treat ME with civility and with all due honors” treatment yet had no problem in putting down an Army General simply because he politely addressed her in the normal military honorific style of “Ma’am”,  She then got all huffy that it was insufficient with the retort “Please call me Senator; I worked so hard for that title” – as if the General hadn’t done the same over his career??

This is just another fine example of a Democrat who insists on civility towards her but having nor problem in having a hissy fit politically when it served her purpose; just another “the end justifies the means”.

Always, the Democrats are trying to just not disagree with their opposition but to demonize and marginalize their political opponents whether it is here in NH (TEA Party = Free Stater = Conservative = FRINGE!!) or down in DC.

(H/T: The Corner)


by Skip

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