Cynthia Chase Moved Here From Rhode Island - Recently - Granite Grok

Cynthia Chase Moved Here From Rhode Island – Recently

Rhode Island - This is not New Hampshire
This is not New Hampshire

New Hampshire Democrat Cynthia Chase (Cheshire Dist 8) is getting a lot of press.  Her comments have gone viral.  While I’m happy to have played my small part, the benefits go a lot further; people are searching the original story, landing on FreeKeene,, coming across Dr. Tom Woods original report, even cruising over to GraniteGrok where the Breitbart story was sourced, which ended up on Rush Limbaugh.

And they are discovering that the same woman who views Free Staters moving to New Hampshire as a threat is herself a self-admitted, pro-Alinsky, progressive transplant from Rhode Island.  (Makes for a great followup doesn’t it?)

A fan of the radical Saul Alinsky here to ruin the New Hampshire Advantage no doubt.  And the kicker?  She admits she has only lived here since 2006.

She does point out that she lived in North Swanzey in the early seventies, which would have made her 29 (ish) at the time.  So where did she hail from before that?  We are left to wonder but it was clearly not New Hampshire or she’d have included that in her Bio.

More hypocrisy from hypocrats.  Sweet!

I think it appropriate to point out that 1) I am not from here either– I moved her in 1990, a refugee from the oppressive yoke of New York State and 2) she was essentially part of the progressive surge that came here over the preceding decade, some even pretending to be Republicans, intent on making New Hampshire more like Massachusetts, or is that Rhode Island?

Chase was not, we should ad, here all that long before she ran for public office.  It’s almost as if she planned it that way.  To penetrate the institutions and corrupt them from the inside.  To force her worldview on the rest of us. Very “Alinsky” Ms. Chase.  Did Kathy Sullivan offer you a signing bonus?

I find this all very amusing.  And it keeps getting funnier.

Well, I’d like to welcome you to New Hampshire Ms. Chase, where politics is a full contact sport with no half-time and no intermissions.  I hope you are enjoying your brush with ‘celebrity.’  If you were a Republican you’d already have been run out of office for making bigoted, xenophobic remarks tinged with police state like tyranny,  but since you are a Democrat you shall be labled the victim of some vast Right Wing Conspiracy and will probably get a parade.

 Update: fixed link to Cindy Boo Hoo’s Alinsky hero post.

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