Why Isn’t Anyone Asking This Question?

by Steve MacDonald

Massa Obama gave a speech the other day in which he cried wolf over the sequester.  It’s twice as amusing because it was his sequester in the first place.  But now that the Republicans in congress are not falling into his evil trap he’s got to back off and blame them for letting him intimidate them into agreeing to his plan in the first place.

It all sounds rather ridiculousness, no less so than all the things Mr. Obama now says will collapse and suffer as a result of them letting his plan into action.

I don’t care if you believe any of it or not, that includes the Obama before or after, I’m wondering why people have not realized the only real and lasting solution to this problem?

According to the new sequester narrative all kinds of essential state and local services and infrastructure will suffer if the Federal government doesn’t do something now.  Why?  Why are our state and local services going to suffer?  Why should they?  Doesn’t the government get the money that they then fight about, that we’re now not going to get,  from us in the first place?

Other than the cost of the paper-pushing and arguing, and finger pointing and blaming there are only a few things the central government  does that most states could not handle locally if the Feds just didn’t take the money for them in the first place.

The answer to the sequester problem, whichever problem you want to believe is the problem, is to stop giving them the power to play politics with your local wants and needs.

Cut the cord.

If they can’t manage to get through a few months without essential services being at risk, maybe it’s time for new management? Something more local.  Someone whose office you can drive to without having to take a week off if you have a serious beef that your own local representatives can’t handle for you.

Anyone figure out yet why Federalism was better than this centrally planned crap we’re saddled with yet?  With Federalism more of the money stayed where it was actually needed in the first place.  It eliminates the middle man, the middle man’s czar,  bureaucrats, lobbyists, corporate ‘golf buddy,’ office staff, and all the taxpayer funded crap that surrounds them.  With that money alone we could probably repair every road and bride across the fruited plain.

Why we do we need a department that costs over 70 billion dollars a year to run just so they can decide what you should teach your kids, that then rewards you with your own money if you listen to them.  Department of education.  Waste.  And that’s just one. They are all like that.

So the problem with the sequester is not the sequester, or the next continuing resolution, or the looming budget battle, or whatever, it’s the entire Federal government and just about everyone in it.

You want the crap to stop.  Stop putting up with the crap.


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